BODY COUNT – Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata – 16.06.2024

BODY COUNT – Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata – 16.06.2024
June 16, 2024 all-day

One of the biggest bands that combines hip hop and metal, the legendary Body Count from Los Angeles, are coming to Zagreb and to the Šalata stadium on Sunday, June 16, 2024.
One of the originators of the crossover, led by one of the greatest rap artists of all time, the great Ice T, is scheduled to return to Zagreb after six years and a sold-out concert in Boćarski dom.

Body Count play raw old school crossover, a brutal mix of hip hop and metal. Over the years, they changed their lineup, disbanded and reassembled, but the band’s cult following always awaited them at concerts around the world. Even after more than three decades, they prove that they have cemented their position on the music scene, and in support of that is the Grammy they won for the best metal performance for “Bum Rush” from the last album “Carnivore”. The tireless Body Count announce a new album “Merciless” for 2024, while at the same time they will perform as headliners on major European stages.

The beginning of the band is one of the biggest stories of the world alternative scene. Apart from rap, Ice T was a big fan of hard rock and metal in his youth. During the 80’s he created a big name on the hip hop scene, so at the beginning of the 90’s he dedicated himself to the band he founded with his friends from high school. Body Count had their first performances at Lollapalooza when Ice T gave them a half-hour set, and the first recording on his “O.G. Original Gangster”, which is considered one of the most important gangsta rap records. On it, before the song “Body Count”, Ice T responds to accusations that he sold out because he injects elements of rock into rap.

Everything exploded with the debut album and controversial single “Cop Killer”, along with no less dangerous “KKK Bitch”, “Evil Dick”, “Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight”, “There Goes The Neighborhood” and “Body Count’s In The House”, once one of the big favorites of many rock clubs in these areas. The album got all of white America on their feet, from President Bush and members of the Senate to Charlton Heston, so in the end, “Cop Killer” was pulled and replaced with a less problematic new version of the song “Freedom Of Speech”.

In the years that followed, Body Count had ups and downs, and unfortunately even three members of the original line-up soon passed away. However, in the last decade they released three fantastic albums, “Manslaughter”, “Bloodlust” whose single “Black Hoodie” was nominated for a Grammy, as well as “Carnivore” which brought them a Grammy for the best metal performance. The indestructibles of Ice T and Body Count show that they not only stood the test of time for three decades, but that they are still one of the most sought-after live attractions on the planet.
Ticket sales start on Friday, February 2 at 10:00 AM. The first price of 36 euros will be in effect until March 31. From April 1. until June 15, you will need to spend 39 euros for the entrance, and 43 euros on the day of the concert.

They can be purchased online at Eventim and at their points of sale, while hard copy tickets will be available at Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark and Dallas Music Shop Rijeka.

Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata -16.06.2024

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