GRACE JONES – Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata – 04.07.2024
Jul 4 all-day
GRACE JONES - Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata - 04.07.2024

One of the most recognizable figures of the world music scene, Grace Jones has been defining music, fashion and art for almost four decades, and is an indispensable part of pop culture encyclopedias. A large independent open air concert in the center of Zagreb will be an opportunity to hear a cross-section of the career of this inimitable icon.

The author, singer, musician and model of Jamaican origin gave the world an opus that has already been included in music classics, from albums like “Warm Leatherette” and “Nightclubbing” to singles like “Private Life”, “Pull Up to the Bumper”, “I’ve Seen That Face Before” and “Slave to the Rhythm” with which she ravaged the music charts. From the modeling career she started in the 70s to the Studio 54 icon, film career in classics like “Vamp,” “Conan the Destroyer” or “A View to a Kill” and unforgettable performances, Grace Jones has remained known for her androgynous phenomenon that cemented her place in pop culture.

VH1 included her in the list of the 100 most important women in rock ‘n’ roll, while Billboard placed her among the 40 biggest names in club culture. She began as a muse for numerous photographers, and to this day numerous musicians and artists cite her as a role model, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lorde, Róisín Murphy and Nile Rodgers. The documentary film “Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami” as well as the ironically named memoir “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs” give an intimate insight into the life of this great music and fashion icon.

She returned to the scene in 2008 with the notable album “Hurricane” and has not stopped performing since then, and is as original on stage as she was at the beginning of her career. Concerts that include original costumes, bursting with energy and provocation are part of great live performances where Grace once again proves that she is a timeless artist and living icon.

Tickets for Salad go on sale on Wednesday, January 31. from 10:00 a.m. at the first price of 59 euros. After the expiration of the early bird quota, the price rises to 64 euros. The price of a VIP ticket in the stands is 89 euros. They can be purchased online at Eventim and at their points of sale, while hard copy tickets will be available at Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark and Dallas Music Shop Rijeka.

EPICA – Opatija, LJetna pozornica – 13.07.2024
Jul 13 all-day

MUSICFEST DURING JULY IN OPATIJA – World famous Epica 13.7. is coming to the Summer Stage

After the announced edition of this year’s Musical Festival , with which Opatija’s Ljeto na Ljetna starts, there is now news from the world of concerts that will undoubtedly delight everyone who follows the current world music scene. MusicFest starts this year in Opatija, it will be held in mid-July, and the first of the announced names is one of the most attractive bands of its genre, whose trademark is the impressive soprano Simone Simons and spectacular stage performances – the world-famous EPICA will perform on July 13, 2024 at Summer stage in Opatija .

Epica is one of those bands that are in the center of current affairs. Arenas are full all over the world, their fans number in the millions, and last year their performance at EXIT, which many describe as unforgettable, was especially impressive. This summer, on July 13 , they are coming to Opatija’s Summer Stage and announcing a spectacle!

The real show starts a little earlier, because before Epica, the celts from Celtic Pipes Rock arrive, who will warm up the audience with a combination of metal, bagpipes and fire and lead us into a hot evening of good music.

With each new album, Epica is increasingly establishing itself as one of the world’s most attractive symphonic metal bands today. They are decorated with an impressive female soprano, melodic and powerful guitars and a spectacular stage performance, which according to many people falls into the category: it must be seen !

Founded in the Netherlands by composer Mark Jansen more than 20 years ago, they gained a large following immediately after the release of their debut The Phantom Agony (2002). Through diligent work and a series of published albums Consign To Oblivion (2005), The Divine Conspiracy (2007), Design Your Universe (2009) and Requiem for the Indifferent (2012), they began to gain a worldwide reputation and climbed to the very top of the world’s most famous bands of its genre. With the albums The Quantium Enigma (2014), The Holographic Principle (2016) and Omega (2021), they gained the status of a real world leading superpower of symphonic metal and became one of the bands whose energetic performances delight millions around the world.

Find tickets at and at authorized Eventim sales points.

UADA – Zagreb, Mochvara – 25.07.2024
Jul 25 all-day
UADA - Zagreb, Mochvara - 25.07.2024

After five years in Močvar, American blackers UADA are returning! It will fill the hot summer days with its pleasant blackness on Thursday, July 25. Tickets at a pre-sale price of 21 euros can be purchased online through Hangtime ticketing ( or at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34).

Croatian black metallions are already well acquainted with this band, for whom this will be their third performance in Močvara. The whole story begins in 2014 in Portland, and according to them, the band’s name means “haunted” in Latin. Their sound can be classified in the drawer of melodic black, stylistically in many ways close to bands such as Mgla, Gaerea, Groza… Jake Superchi, the band’s founder, cites Dissection, Danzig as influences, but also has a pinch of NWoBHM, grunge and gothic. . So far, they have released four studio albums: Devoid of Light (2016), Cult of a Dying Sun (2018), Djinn (2020) and the most recent Crepuscule Natura from last year, which they will promote on this occasion. See you on July 25 in Močvara!

CRADLE OF FILTH – Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture – 27.07.2024
Jul 27 all-day
CRADLE OF FILTH - Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture - 27.07.2024

Early bird tickets are sold out! The presale price is 33 euros, and if there are any left, on the day of the concert, you will need to pay 37 euros for the ticket. They can be purchased online through Hangtime ticketing ( or at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34).

Cradle of Filth was formed in the English town of Suffolk in 1991. The early days were to some extent marked by the sound of black metal, but over time they added gothic and symphony influences to their musical expression, so as it happens when you approach it very eclectically – you put them in the “extreme metal” drawer. To tell the truth, even the band members themselves, especially the founder Dani Filth, were not particularly determined on this issue during their entire career. Cradle of Filth has always drawn its inspiration from gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films. The band has always attracted some controversy around itself, while parents and relatives were not necessarily the happiest if you wore COF shirts there in the mid-00s, which a significant number of metallions did.
Three years after their founding, they released the iconic The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, which was included in the “top 10 most important black metal albums of the last 20 years” by Metal Hammer magazine. Four years later, they released probably their most famous release, “Cruelty and The Beast”, a concept album dedicated to the Hungarian baroness with a rather awkward character, Báthora Erzsébet.
The band soon reaches the peak of popularity, they regularly cause controversies around the world, the BBC is making a documentary about them, Dani Filth has the main role in the film “Cradle of Fear…”

SUFFOCATION – Zagreb, Mochvara – 29.07.2024
Jul 29 @ 16:11 – 17:11
SUFFOCATION - Zagreb, Mochvara - 29.07.2024

After a little more than four years and a fantastic concert right before corona, Suffocation returns to Močvara as part of the “Bow To None” European tour to make the hot summer even hotter and more inconvenient. Because it’s Suffocation after all. The date of this death metal festival is July 29. Tickets at the early bird price of 23 euros can be purchased online until April 1. or out of stock via Hangtime ticketing ( or at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34), and via the CoreEvent system and at their points of sale. After that, their presale price will be 28 euros.

Suffocation are death metal pioneers founded 36 years ago in Centereach, New York. They drew attention to themselves in 1991 with their debut Effigy of the Forgotten, which immediately became a classic of the genre. After that, they released eight more studio albums, the most current of which is Hymns From The Apocrypha, which saw the light of day in November last year, and which will have a strong emphasis on this occasion in Močvara. It also features the video for “Seraphim Enslavement”, their last video directed by Tom Flynn. It is also worth noting that there was a nice collaboration on the song “Ignorant Deprivation”: the vocalist is Frank Mullen, one of the founders of the band, and the lyrics were written by Mike Smith, the band’s former drummer.

They cited Napalm Death and Sepultura as their role models in the early stages of the band, while their playing trademark, breakdowns, is considered one of the cornerstones of a whole new subgenre: deathcore. The members of the band are lead guitarist Terrance Hobbs, bassist Derek Boyer, rhythm guitarist Charlie Errigo, drummer Eric Morotti and vocalist Ricky Myers, who has been a permanent member of the band since 2019, and is otherwise a vocalist in the American death metal band Disgorge. All in all, a nice party is being prepared in Močvara, just like last time.

BRKOVI – Zagreb, Šalata – 07.09.2024
Sep 7 all-day
BRKOVI - Zagreb, Šalata - 07.09.2024

Zagreb’s punk folk wellness attraction, the unstoppable live machine Brkovi, will mark the band’s big 20 years throughout 2024 with a series of concerts throughout the region and beyond. The first to be published is the one on the home field. Group Brkovi will perform at Šalata Stadium on Saturday, September 7, 2024.

It was hard to imagine two decades ago what the musical path would turn into over the years, then in the deep underground of a rooted punk folk band. Mustaches were not the first group to combine the seemingly incompatible, but the way they did it, directly and without brakes, could have resulted in either landing on the road or rushing to the stadium concert.

For years, the band played, recorded and published (free downloads from their site will forever be a discographic principle), grew both in the number of audiences and in the number of annual performances, so that in the last 7-8 years they became an irreplaceable headliner of the largest regional festivals, as well as club attraction with more and more performances outside the region. Today, the Beards have a stacked and dangerous set list of big hits such as “I’d rather be drinking September wine with my friends”, “Dangerous drugging”, “Mala”, “Kurvo prokleta”, “Balkan Star”, “Pizda materina”, ” I want my child to listen to folk songs”, “Hormon of happiness”, “I can only do it drunk”, “Happiness, good night”, “I’m not for you”, “Tolerance”, “And I’m going to drink”, “Even punks don’t listen anymore punk” and many others, who have passed 100 million listens on just two platforms – YouTube and Spotify. A large part of them recently found their way to the songbook “Brkovi – the greatest hits” with lyrics and chords of 30 songs chosen by Shamsa69.

Twenty years of the unpredictable and wild musical journey of Shamso69, Tomac, Šarac, Talentino and Paspalj will be marked with a big marathon audio-visual spectacle at the Šalata stadium in the heart of Zagreb, on Saturday, September 7, 2024.

Tickets at the early bird price of 17 euros go on sale on Thursday, November 23 at 10:00 a.m. This price will be valid until December 31, after which it will rise to 20 euros. Official sales points are Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark, and all Eventim sales points as well as

LAIBACH Opus Dei – Zagreb, Boogaloo – 05.10.2024
Oct 5 all-day
LAIBACH Opus Dei - Zagreb, Boogaloo - 05.10.2024

The Slovenian music collective Laibach will present a new concert program and play the cult release “Opus Dei” in a new guise at Boogaloo club in Zagreb on Saturday, October 5, 2024.
Laibach’s album “Opus Dei”, featuring songs such as “Life is Life/Opus Dei”, “Leben heisst Leben” and “Geburt einer Nation”, was originally released in 1987 on the Mute label. The album has been remastered and will be reissued this year after 26 years with plenty of additional historical recordings from various concerts in Europe and America, as well as remixes on three vinyls and four CDs.

Laibach is promoting this reissue with a special tour, and it will be an opportunity to hear all the songs from the album in a new guise for the first time in many years. In addition to the performance of cult material, they will also present a selection of Laibach’s classics and selected songs from their large repertoire, as well as those released before the album “Opus Dei”.
The exhibition of the Laibach group in Zagreb “Ausstelung! Laibach Kunst: The Cube+Unternehmen Barbarossa” at Lauba Gallery from June 29 to August 22, 2024.
The cult Slovenian avant-garde band has been active for four decades with its recognizable visual, symbolic and social expression. After two concerts last year, when they presented the program “Love is Still Alive” in the Culture Factory and the complex author’s symphonic work “Alamut” in the Lisinski Hall, Laibach returns to Zagreb with a new concert program based on their cult release “Opus Dei”. .

The great reviews of last year’s performances speak of the status that Laibach has with the Zagreb audience. Aleksandar Dragaš writes that Laibach is “one of the most globally provocative bands in the history of pop culture music”, and describing the concert at Tvornica, Ivan Laić says that it is “a band that never disappoints.” Laibach is one and only.” Commenting on the performance of Alamut in Lisinski, Lucija Očko writes “The closest description to what I experienced last night would be a ‘fever dream’, a dream in which you leave your body and do not know where you are or what is around you, and a multitude of sounds and voices are screaming at you in the head”, while Bojan Mušćet says that “with a precise, monumental, invasive and thrilling performance, Laibach afforded Zagreb a superb artistic happening.”
The “Opus Dei” Laibach tour is currently taking place in Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, and the new meeting in Zagreb is scheduled at the Boogaloo club on October 5, 2024.

Tickets are on sale from Wednesday, February 28 at a price of 23 euros, and this price will be valid until April 14. The day after, on April 15, the ticket price rises to 27 euros, while on the day of the concert, 30 euros will need to be allocated. Tickets are available at and, as well as at all Eventim and Entrio outlets, as well as at Dirty Old Shop and Rockmark.

VIENNA METAL MEETING – Wien, Arena Wien – 12.10.2024
Oct 12 all-day
VIENNA METAL MEETING - Wien, Arena Wien - 12.10.2024

Vienna Metal Meeting 2024
October 12th 2024
Arena – Vienna
2 Stages – 15 Bands

ELLENDE, Groza, Servant – Zagreb, Mochvara – 14.10.2024
Oct 14 all-day
ELLENDE, Groza, Servant - Zagreb, Mochvara - 14.10.2024

On October 14 (Monday), Močvara will host black metallers of German origin, in which all members are introduced exclusively by their initials: the Austrian Ellende, who will make their first appearance in Croatia, and the German Groza, whom the Zagreb audience met at a great concert at this same place in December In 2022, the evening will also be opened by the German Servant. Tickets at a presale price of 24 euros can be purchased online through Hangtime ticketing ( or at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34). If there are any left, they will cost 28 euros at the entrance.

Ellende is a black metal solo project created in 2011 in Graz, and behind it is L.G. A year later he gathered session/live musicians around him. “Elend” in ancient times in some parts of Germany would roughly mean “outcast” in the sense of ostracism, and today it can be translated as “wretched” or “miserable”. The band has released four albums so far, and the most current of them, “Ellenbogengesellschaft” from 2022, will be promoted on this occasion in Močvara. And as for the initials and band members, here they are: P.F. (live/studio drum), L.B. (live guitar), D.B. (live guitar), S.L. (live bass) and L.G. (everything else including design).

Groza was created in 2016 in the Bavarian town of Mühldorf am Inn as a solo project. Better connoisseurs of black metal opportunities and the world will immediately associate this name with Mgla’s first studio album from 2008, and founder P.G. he does not hide the great influence of these Poles on his musical expression. After two years of P.G. gathered the band around him and soon after that their debut album “Unified in Void” was released by AOP Records. Three years later, they released the album “The Redemptive End” for the same publishing house. Fans of bands such as the already mentioned Mgla, Uada or Geara will surely sympathize with these Germans who are slowly but surely building their name in the world of black metal, and this was shown by their first performance in Močvara, which was really, really good. but also surprisingly well attended.
Band members are P.G. on vocals and guitar, as well as his colleague U.A., while T.H.Z plays drums.

SEPTICFLESH, Equilibrium, Oceans, Scar of the Sun – Zagreb, Boogaloo –
Oct 23 all-day
SEPTICFLESH, Equilibrium, Oceans, Scar of the Sun - Zagreb, Boogaloo -

After 12 years, the Greek symphonic death metallers Septicflesh are returning to Croatia, i.e. 13 years since their performance in Boogaloo, where they will play again in front of the local metalion audience! They will be joined on the European “Modern Primitive” tour by popular folk metal Bavarians Equilibrium, and the evening will be opened by OCEANS and Scar of the Sun, two bands for fans of a more modern metal sound. The date to note is October 23 (Wednesday). Early bird tickets at a price of 28 euros can be purchased until May 1. or while supplies last via or at the Dirty Old Shop! The pre-sale price is 32 euros, while on the day it will cost 36 euros if there are any left.

Septicflesh was formed in 1990 in Athens when Soritis Vayenas (guitar), Spiros Antoniou (bass/vocals) and his younger brother Christos (guitar) got together. Already a year later, they released their first EP, “Temple of the Lost Race”, while their first studio album, Mystic Places of Dawn, was released in 1994 and was co-produced by Magus Wampyr Daoloth, keyboardist of Rotting Christ. Since then, they have released 10 more albums, the most current of which is “Primitive Modern” from 2022, which they are promoting on this occasion at Boogaloo.
Their style can be described as symphonic death metal, and this is best evidenced by the live album Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX, which they recorded with a symphony orchestra and choir in Mexico. In addition to the aforementioned founders, the band also includes Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, former drummer of Decapitated who recently sold out Močvara, and Dinos “Psychon” Prassas on rhythm guitar.