GRIMA, Ultar – Mochvara, Zagreb – 21.04.2024
Apr 21 all-day
OCEAN OF ANOTHER, Survived by Nothing @VIB, Zagreb, 24.4.2024
Apr 24 all-day
OCEAN OF ANOTHER, Survived by Nothing @VIB, Zagreb, 24.4.2024

Doors 20:00 | Concert at 21:15

Tickets: €08.00 / €12.00 | Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34) // Grif bar & VIB (Savska cesta 160)


After two years of work and preparation, modern metallers Ocean Of Another finally invite you to their concert premiere on Wednesday, April 24. in Vintage Industrial on the occasion of the release of the first EP album “One Day This Pain Will Subside”. And with them, the moshers Survived by Nothing will play!
The band lyrically deals with the harsh reality of being human, focusing mostly on mental health, addiction and inner struggles. Through their songs, Ocean Of Another wants to lend a helping hand and create a place for connection and healing, which is reflected in their slogan “Become a drop in the Ocean of Another”.
All music on the debut EP was written, produced, mixed and mastered by the band itself, except for “Indigo”, which was mastered by Joel Wanasek (Machine Head, Monuments, Blessthefall).
We will mention that their cover of Slipknot’s song Snuff collected over 600,000 streams on Spotify and over 150,000 views on YouTube.
Some members are also part of Croatia’s most successful metal band Manntra and bands such as Pale Origins, Zenoth, Ochi and Grapevine Babies. All of them have previous experience as performers with the aforementioned bands and others such as Cold Snap and Monox.
They create music drawing inspiration from artists such as Bad Omens, Falling in Reverse, Motionless in White, Northlane, Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park.
The band is actively involved in the creation of their music videos, writing, producing, directing and recording with the help of talented friends such as Mara Prpić, Dino Možek, Vjekoslav Palinić and Damir Debanić. Each video is a DIY project under the full creative control of the band.

Ocean of Another – Become a drop in the Ocean Of Another…

Survived by Nothing is a hardcore band on a mission to make Croatia mosh again. Spin kicks are all they need and sick riffs are all they have. They are not interested in silence, only fake karate mosh pits. The perfect platform to vent all your anger.

Boris Štok @VIB, Zagreb, 25.4.2024.
Apr 25 all-day
Boris Štok @VIB, Zagreb, 25.4.2024.

Boris Štok arrives at Vintage Industrial on Thursday, April 25, on the wings of the hit song “Kao nekada”, which he performs in
collaboration with the diva Tereza Kesovia, and the song “Can We Talk”, by Irish authors John Doherty and Aidan
O’Connor, which Boris performed at this year’s Dora.
Boris Štok – Reci mi OFFICIAL:

STOK IN VIB? It is an exceptional opportunity to sing along to the hits “Under the skin”, “Are we the only ones”, “Still”,
“Sin” and many others from Boris’ solo career, but this time in the former button factory. Still so Vintage and
yet so Industrial!
This concert is also a promotion of Boris’s new LP release of the album “Minimalism” on which, in addition to
the aforementioned Tereza Kesovia is also visited by the artists Ante Gelo, Matija Dedić, Ivo Popeskić and Elvis Stanić.

SFeraKon 2024, Zagreb, 10.-12.5.2024.
May 10 – May 12 all-day
SFeraKon 2024, Zagreb, 10.-12.5.2024.

SFeraKon is the oldest and largest Croatian convention that gathers fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres. Through 4 decades of holding, SFeraKon has become one of the largest European SF conventions, the largest in Central and Southeastern Europe.

In 2018, SFeraKon celebrated its 40th birthday.

In 2020, SFeraKon gets a virtual partner, SFeraKORON, the first Croatian virtual SF convention.

Who organizes SFeraKon?
SFeraKon is organized by the Science Fiction Society SFera from Zagreb. The company was founded in 1976 in Zagreb and since then has been continuously operating as a non-profit volunteer cultural organization in the area of the city of Zagreb and Croatia. In 2021, the Company celebrated 45 years of continuous work.

A brief history of SFeraKon
1977 The Zagreb Days of Science Fiction were held, from which SFeraKon developed
1979. First foreign guest of SFeraKon: Sam Lundwall
1981 The SFERA award was awarded for the first time
In 1983, SFeraKon became the official name of the convention
In 1986, SFeraKon hosted Eurocon, the European SF convention, for the first time
1995 SFeraKon collection launched
2009 The first cosplay competition was held at SFeraKon
In 2012, SFeraKon hosted Eurocon for the second time, with a record number of visitors from Croatia and the world, and a program that was held in Croatian and English.
In 2016, SFera celebrated its 40th anniversary
In 2018, the jubilee 40th SFeraKon takes place
In 2020, SFeraKOron, the first Croatian virtual convention, takes place
In 2020, SFeraKon will be held completely outdoors for the first time, in the Ribnjak park
In 2021, SFera celebrated its 45th anniversary.
In 2023, SFeraKon hosts the finals of the International Cosplay Cup Championship

RAMMSTEIN -A Beograd, Ušće Park – 24.05.2024
May 24 all-day
RAMMSTEIN -A Beograd, Ušće Park - 24.05.2024

After the summer is before the next tour: Rammstein will be back in the stadiums of Europe in 2024!
Next year, Rammstein will once again pack their impressive stage set and awe-inspiring pyrotechnics into their trucks and hit the road.
The millions of people who have attended the band’s sold-out shows in recent years can attest to the fact that their shows are unique in their nature, scale and quality.
In 2024, just in time for Rammstein’s 30th anniversary, fans old and new will once again have the opportunity to experience the band’s “gigantic show” (Rolling Stone) live. That “not all gunpowder … is shot right at the beginning” (Morgenpost) is as much a part of the Berliners’ good manners as the smoke that rises from the stadiums and can be seen for miles around, and a set list that includes all the band’s greatest hits.
Nach dem Sommer ist vor der nächsten Tour: Rammstein spielen auch 2024 in den Stadien Europas!

RAMMSTEIN – Beograd, Ušće Park – 25.05.2024 – NEW SHOW ADDED
May 25 all-day
RAMMSTEIN - Beograd, Ušće Park - 25.05.2024 - NEW SHOW ADDED

After the summer is before the next tour: Rammstein will be back in the stadiums of Europe in 2024!
Next year, Rammstein will once again pack their impressive stage set and awe-inspiring pyrotechnics into their trucks and hit the road.
The millions of people who have attended the band’s sold-out shows in recent years can attest to the fact that their shows are unique in their nature, scale and quality.
In 2024, just in time for Rammstein’s 30th anniversary, fans old and new will once again have the opportunity to experience the band’s “gigantic show” (Rolling Stone) live. That “not all gunpowder … is shot right at the beginning” (Morgenpost) is as much a part of the Berliners’ good manners as the smoke that rises from the stadiums and can be seen for miles around, and a set list that includes all the band’s greatest hits.
Nach dem Sommer ist vor der nächsten Tour: Rammstein spielen auch 2024 in den Stadien Europas!

COREY TAYLOR – ŠRC Šalata, ZAGREB – 6.6.2024
Jun 6 all-day
COREY TAYLOR - ŠRC Šalata, ZAGREB - 6.6.2024

COREY TAYLOR – ŠRC Šalata, ZAGREB – 6.6.2024

Corey Taylor’s concert, planned at the Culture Factory on Thursday, June 6, 2024, was sold out in just four days and six and a half months before the event. After consultation with the management, the concert was moved to Zagreb’s Šalata stadium due to great interest.
One of the most significant metal vocalists of the last 25 years, the frontman of multi-platinum stadium attractions Slipknot and Stone Sour, is coming to our venue for the first time with a solo project and his band.
With more than 25 million albums sold and a dozen sold-out stadium and arena tours in his career, Corey Taylor is one of the most important figures in the fierce genre. He’s had an immeasurable impact on culture as the #8 of the indestructible Slipknot and the first name of the platinum-winning Stone Sour. On the tour next spring, they will promote the current second independent album “CMF2”, and in addition to songs from the new edition, the set list also includes songs from various stages of Slipknot and Stone Sour’s career.
Globally, Corey’s Slipknot is one of the biggest and most influential metal bands of the last 25 years. They have 13 platinum and 44 gold albums to their credit, three of which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 (“All Hope is Gone”, “.5 the Gray Chapter” and “We Are Not Your Kind”), and sold more than 42 million records. Stone Sour, on the other hand, achieved two gold albums and six multi-platinum, platinum and gold singles.
Tickets on sale: 47 eur.
Eventim, Dirty old shop, Rockmark, Dallas Rijeka

POMARANČA @Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 6.6.2024
Jun 6 all-day
POMARANČA @Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 6.6.2024

From the depths of hell returns…hell’s POMARANČA!
POMARANČA (+ Metalsteel)

The legendary hard rock / heavy metal archetype is BACK!
The group, which the founder Mijo Popovič named after Anthony Burgess’s great literary work (and later Kubrick’s film adaptation) “Hell’s Orange” // A Clockwork Orange experienced huge ups and downs, but still: the stem and roots of POMARANČA remained deep in the earth , the iconic band never left, creations that defined generations of rockers and metalheads throughout the eighties and nineties, and kept the group on the metal pedestal of the entire multimillion-dollar former Yugoslavia until today.
Pomaranča played in front of more than a thousand packed halls 40 years ago and influenced quite a few newly formed groups at that time. Soldier, Uniformed, Goba Zla, Molly, who did you sleep with last night? so they became immortal classics for thousands of fans all over Yugoslavia.
Creations that rockers and heavy metallers still talk about with deep respect. With Divljimi Jagodami, they literally created heavy metal in our area, the records Peklenska Pomaranča and Madbringer (1981-1983) and together with Motori and Čarobnjaci, they simultaneously defined the genre and created the basis on which all the bands of the former collective state were built. They shared the stage with international bands Motörhead, Gillan (Deep Purple), Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper, in legendary solo concerts, and they thrilled sold-out halls across the country. History was made!
Long years of managerial problems, the military in the Balkans and weak conditions forced Pomarančo to stand still. When they returned, they released their last studio album, Takoj Se Dava Dol (1995), which produced the hits “To the sky from hell, Poljub otvornih ust, and the title single/video clip “Takoj Se Dava Dol”. The next 25 years were tough, Pomaranča persisted despite everything. The soul of Pomaranča was always indestructible, just like its creator Mijo Popovič.
The tragic premature death of original members Marko Herak and Franc Teropšič, as well as the corona virus pandemic, stopped the natural process, which began in the summer of 2019, when the group returned for its fortieth anniversary. That’s why, primarily in memory of Marko and Franco and for all NEW generations of rockers and metallers, Pomaranča was assembled in a new line-up of experienced natives of Slovenian metal. The founder of the legendary Pomaranča, the first guitar icon and the father of heavy metal in the country, without whom metal in Slovenia as we know it would not exist – the great Mijo Popovič. On bass, there was a left option: Pomaranča was joined by the biggest and most successful metal musician in the history of Slovenia, Tilen Hudrap (Pestilence, Doro, Testament, Vicious Rumors, U.D.O), who brought international experience and with Mija closed the circle of Slovenian metal history. On vocals is the legendary Matic Nareks (San Di Ego), who as part of his project (Matic Nareks Project) released a cover of Pomaranča’s song »Takoj se Dava Dol« in the previous summer, thereby creating an impetus for the first steps against the resuscitation of Pomaranča, and together with During the silent process of recording the piece in Studio Evolution, Mija recounted that Pomaranča had not even said the last words. Matic magnificently represented the great vocal legacy of Zlatko Magdalenič and Boris Krmac, already at the Pomaranče concert in Laškem in 2019. Together with the extraordinary drummer Matjaž Winkler (Keller, Requiem and many others), one of the most respected heavy metal drummers of the last twenty years, the group rejuvenated his company, and despite the topic remains cemented in the old school. Tomaž Žontar, the original keyboardist, writer of the legendary ballad “Release”, has returned and will take his place on stage for the first time in over 40 years!!! An event that many assumed would NEVER happen! And that’s not even half the story…
POMARANČA- you will see is 100% soul and orange flesh content, without matrices, artificial additives and unnecessary additives!
The organization of the event began with the combination of the long-term experience of Denis Brnčič, the father of the documentary Železne Stopinja, Metal Strike and Addende-P, who additionally contributed to the creation of the event, which will not be “just” a concert. You will see Pomarančo like you have never seen before. With a power of 666! The event on June 6, 2024 will be a spectacle that will go down in history!
The most important information: Pomaranča bo 6.6. recorded her FIRST album live, in addition to that, the concert will be recorded for the future DVD release, also the first in Pomarančina’s history!
All your present voices and voices will be recorded in eternity! Be a part of history!
Special guests: Metalsteel, who will be celebrating their 25th anniversary at the concert!
Tickets are on sale from 1.3.2024 at all Eventim sales points!!!

DROPKICK MURPHYS – ŠRC Šalata, Zagreb – 12.06.2024
Jun 12 all-day
DROPKICK MURPHYS - ŠRC Šalata, Zagreb - 12.06.2024

DROPKICK MURPHYS – ŠRC Šalata, Zagreb – 12.06.2024

Favorites of the local audience, the unstoppable Irish-American folk punks Dropkick Murphys, are coming to Zagreb’s Šalata Stadium on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.
The world’s most popular representatives of the Celtic punk rock scene, and one of the most sought-after bands today, paid a lot of attention to the local audience and venues. The regularly sold-out concerts, which filled Tvornica kultur as well as Dom sports twice so far, proved their legendary status among local fans. The return to Zagreb once again puts the band in front of hordes of loyal fans at Šalat for a big open-air concert in the very heart of the city.

Successfully combining traditional Irish folk and punk, they sing about failed industry, port Boston, oppressed workers, family, friendship and love, and they give an equal role to bass and electric guitars to bagpipes, flutes, violin and mandolin, which is typical for Celtic punk.

With sold-out concerts around the world, packed arenas, and sweaty and hilarious performances, Dropkick Murphys, with hard work, honesty, energy, promote the voice of the working class and the little man. They won over whiskey and beer lovers, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, all kinds of good entertainment and the whole world with their infectious tunes that they bring to Šalata stadium in the summer.

Tickets for the Zagreb concert are available from Wednesday, December 6, from 10:00 a.m. at an early bird price of 33 euros. From January 1, the price will rise to 36 euros, and on the day of the concert, you will need to allocate 40 euros for the ticket. Tickets are available at points of sale and in the Eventima system, as well as in Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark and Dallas Music Shop Rijeka.

BODY COUNT – Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata – 16.06.2024
Jun 16 all-day
BODY COUNT - Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata - 16.06.2024

One of the biggest bands that combines hip hop and metal, the legendary Body Count from Los Angeles, are coming to Zagreb and to the Šalata stadium on Sunday, June 16, 2024.
One of the originators of the crossover, led by one of the greatest rap artists of all time, the great Ice T, is scheduled to return to Zagreb after six years and a sold-out concert in Boćarski dom.

Body Count play raw old school crossover, a brutal mix of hip hop and metal. Over the years, they changed their lineup, disbanded and reassembled, but the band’s cult following always awaited them at concerts around the world. Even after more than three decades, they prove that they have cemented their position on the music scene, and in support of that is the Grammy they won for the best metal performance for “Bum Rush” from the last album “Carnivore”. The tireless Body Count announce a new album “Merciless” for 2024, while at the same time they will perform as headliners on major European stages.

The beginning of the band is one of the biggest stories of the world alternative scene. Apart from rap, Ice T was a big fan of hard rock and metal in his youth. During the 80’s he created a big name on the hip hop scene, so at the beginning of the 90’s he dedicated himself to the band he founded with his friends from high school. Body Count had their first performances at Lollapalooza when Ice T gave them a half-hour set, and the first recording on his “O.G. Original Gangster”, which is considered one of the most important gangsta rap records. On it, before the song “Body Count”, Ice T responds to accusations that he sold out because he injects elements of rock into rap.

Everything exploded with the debut album and controversial single “Cop Killer”, along with no less dangerous “KKK Bitch”, “Evil Dick”, “Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight”, “There Goes The Neighborhood” and “Body Count’s In The House”, once one of the big favorites of many rock clubs in these areas. The album got all of white America on their feet, from President Bush and members of the Senate to Charlton Heston, so in the end, “Cop Killer” was pulled and replaced with a less problematic new version of the song “Freedom Of Speech”.

In the years that followed, Body Count had ups and downs, and unfortunately even three members of the original line-up soon passed away. However, in the last decade they released three fantastic albums, “Manslaughter”, “Bloodlust” whose single “Black Hoodie” was nominated for a Grammy, as well as “Carnivore” which brought them a Grammy for the best metal performance. The indestructibles of Ice T and Body Count show that they not only stood the test of time for three decades, but that they are still one of the most sought-after live attractions on the planet.
Ticket sales start on Friday, February 2 at 10:00 AM. The first price of 36 euros will be in effect until March 31. From April 1. until June 15, you will need to spend 39 euros for the entrance, and 43 euros on the day of the concert.

They can be purchased online at Eventim and at their points of sale, while hard copy tickets will be available at Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark and Dallas Music Shop Rijeka.

Zagreb, ŠRC Šalata -16.06.2024