CRADLE OF FILTH, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb – 27.07.2024
Jul 27 all-day
CRADLE OF FILTH, Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb - 27.07.2024

Early bird tickets are sold out! The presale price is 33 euros, and if there are any left, on the day of the concert, you will need to pay 37 euros for the ticket. They can be purchased online through Hangtime ticketing ( or at Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 34).

Cradle of Filth was formed in the English town of Suffolk in 1991. The early days were to some extent marked by the sound of black metal, but over time they added gothic and symphony influences to their musical expression, so as it happens when you approach it very eclectically – you put them in the “extreme metal” drawer. To tell the truth, even the band members themselves, especially the founder Dani Filth, were not particularly determined on this issue during their entire career. Cradle of Filth has always drawn its inspiration from gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films. The band has always attracted some controversy around itself, while parents and relatives were not necessarily the happiest if you wore COF shirts there in the mid-00s, which a significant number of metallions did.
Three years after their founding, they released the iconic The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, which was included in the “top 10 most important black metal albums of the last 20 years” by Metal Hammer magazine. Four years later, they released probably their most famous release, “Cruelty and The Beast”, a concept album dedicated to the Hungarian baroness with a rather awkward character, Báthora Erzsébet.
The band soon reaches the peak of popularity, they regularly cause controversies around the world, the BBC is making a documentary about them, Dani Filth has the main role in the film “Cradle of Fear…”