It’s become fairly common to name numerous bands “institutions” or “legends”, but only SIX PACK is worthy enough to be called the biggest punk rock institution from these areas. They earned the title above all else due to their very intelligent, insightful and deeply emotional texts and great vocal abilities of the singer, as well as magnificent melodic elements that turn the band’s music into instant travel through time into happier days of our growing up years- when all the ideals we had: made sense and we truly believed we can achieve then. That was all before reality and life hit back and made you realise that being good nowadays is the same as being stupid and nothing makes sense any more.

“Dovoljno pametan, steta, previse slep
Moji su drugovi biseri rasuti zauvek”
“Fabrička greška”

Six Pack is a Serbian punk rock/pop punk band from Smederevska Palanka, formed 29 years ago, that has achieved greatness in my eyes no matter the number of followers on money they made. They remained true to the punk rock ideals of their youth so they will remain the winners forever just for achieving  it.

I adore the band because it idolises the people that have noble ideas and still believe in love and some goodness in the world. It’s the hardest thing you can hold on to in this cruel and fucked up world.

Six Pack returned to Zagreb to celebrate Vintage Industrial’s birthday and it was a perfect closure of this festive week. Of course, the day after was the day of the closure of the birthday week, but it was held as a night with a DJ after an incredible week with the most amazing bands such as: Rotten Sound & Warfuck, Partibrejkers, The Strange and Six Pack for the end- like a perfect frosting for the birthday cake.

The concert included the most beloved and the greatest songs such as: “Delfinov let”, “Fabrička Greška”, “Crveni Makovi“, “Nekako najviše me boliš ti” and a special treat: “Karma Chameleon” (Culture Club cover).

I cannot find any more words to describe the perfection this band represents. The song “Delfinov let” is the only song in the whole history of punk that brings tears to my eyes EVERY FUCKIN SINGLE TIME  I hear it- and its an incredible accomplishment. I love the sentiment and the atmosphere the band transfers and they indeed do prove that you will stay forever young only if you stay true to the ideas and motives of your youth and ideas that are transferred from great punk bands such as incredible SIX PACK! Of course, the song “Fabrička Greška” is also a masterpiece you have to experience fully after some hard life lessons to understand it. Thank you, Six Pack for this incredible experience and a trip back to youth days, transfer back to ideal times when everything seems achievable, shiny and great!! There are a very few bands that can achieve that!

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