If You think you’re too old for rock’n’roll… then you are!

This was one of the best birthday parties I had a privilege to attend. Unfortunately, my daytime job is getting in the way of living my best life and attending all the concerts within this birthday week of the club VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL BAR.

So happy birthday VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL BAR and thank you for all the great and best times we had every time we came into you!

On the second birthday day, VIB hosted the concert of PARTIBREJKERS! Partibrejkers are one of the most beloved rock’n’roll bands in this area and all states of former Yugoslavia. Their iconic songs go way out of frame of “just rock’n’roll” as they mix elements of punk energy, bluesy soul and garage attitude that makes them icons and so much more than “just another rock’n’roll band”.

 It’s almost impossible to count out all the hits and iconic songs that greatly influenced growing up years of many generations. In a  way Partibrejkers were the soundtrack of our youth and there is no better feeling in the universe than the optimism and omnipotence of our youth. Partibrejkers held an excellent concert that beamed me up to those beautiful years of our youth when everything seemed possible and achievable. Luckily, for me personally everything is still possible and achievable as the quote goes:

„If You think you’re too old for rock’n’roll… then you are!” – Lemmy Kilmister (MOTORHEAD)

Partibrejkers held a high voltage amount of energy through the whole concert and proved once again that rock’n’roll is the cure to all old age problems. 

„Ono što pokušavam“ is an iconic song that states just one basic fact: „What I’m trying now, you won’t do for the rest of your life” and is just one example of why this band is bigger than all the other bands of the genre! Their music combined with lyrics contain life wisdom that cure many of the major life circumstances and guide their fans to feeling extremely good and positive instead of being miserable. So, once again I can not stat enough the importance of the band that also serves as therapy and not only as “one of the bands that we like”, Partibrejkers are a bend we find easy to love and one of the band you have to respect because of their influence on generations that came after them.

The concert started with the song “Noć”. In the middle of the concert „Hiljadu godina“ knocked us out of our feet, which was relentlessly followed by „Ono što pokušavam“, „Hipnotisana gomila”, “Kreni prema meni” and numerous other beloved songs that are hard to name all. The concert ended with “Rođen loš” with brutal ovations from a very satisfied audience!

The band played 25 songs and maintained high energy and explosive performance which is admirable for a band formed 41 years ago! I couldn’t be happier with this experience and I must say I’m proud and extremely happy that I saw Partibrejkers live. In my opinion Partibrejkers are one of 5 bands you should have on your Bucket List as a band you must see live once again or at least one more time.

In 1990, Paribrejkers played their last Yugoslav tour and during the war years, Partibrejkers were banned in Croatia. That gap created an unusual longing to hear the band live and I was extremely happy to see that the turn out to the concert was great although the band of their high level of influence deserves to play for much larger audiences and, hopefully soon, we will experience that also. Note to all organisers:

It would be great to see Paribrejkers headlining a rock’n’roll festival in Zagreb as they have well deserved the title of the greatest rock’n’roll bands from these areas!

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