It’s been an extreme pleasure to attend the concert at a completely sold-out beautiful concert hall of Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb.

The experience was greatly enhanced by all the lifetime memories we, or most fans, have of all the concerts from Metallica from the past. At the same time, it caused a bit of sadness as it has reminded me that seeing Metallica live won’t be possible soon, as it is too expensive. Luckily, we will have many opportunities to see numerous other great concerts and the price of one of Metallica concerts together with travel arrangements won’t be too expensive for die-hard fans. But the prices are a whole new topic so we will leave it a side and just be grateful we had several chances to see Metallica live in concert in the past (at least it’s true for the older audience members).

I didn’t investigate a lot before the concert but indeed the symphony orchestra combined with the energy of one of the best tribute bands paying tribute to Metallica really created a magical atmosphere I wasn’t prepared for as it knocked me out of my shoes! This was indeed the rock-symphonic spectacle of the year!

This was indeed a unique and exquisite spectacle, a journey through time, a musical epic, in which the sounds of music that wrote history echoed through our minds, spirit and body in a most spectacular way!

The other element that struck me is the power of memories. The songs reminded me of so many major events from the past, but luckily, I didn’t die at the end, as I truly experienced my life flashing before my eyes;) The phenomena also reminded us of the power of songs and melodies as you can easily remove the lyrics and just listen to the melody and the effect on your mental state will be exactly the same. The memories, feeling and mental state will be evoked in the same manner as if you were listening to original performance. Of course, musicians have to deliver a high-quality performance and interpretation so there are no mistakes that get in the way. And exactly that happened last night- a masterful performance of skilled and passionate musicians that transferred enormous quantities of energy and a whole lot of emotion to the thrilled audience that couldn’t do anything else but deliver standing ovations and leave their seats and rush into the first line!

The most important element of the show held yesterday was that the guitarists together with the thirty-piece symphony orchestra added additional value and I didn’t have a feeling that I was at another cover band show. I gained a completely new experience of feeling the beloved Metallica songs in new arrangements which lighted up a very cold, old heart of mine, which would be a success of the decade. Words “Thank you” are not enough to express my gratitude and I was extremely lucky as the audience gave the most heart-warming fiery feedback to the complete orchestra and I can’t remember the last time I experienced such great experience of pure ecstasy at the end of the show as we could feel that all musicians really gave their all to make this an unforgettable experience for all.

I usually point out the highlights of the concert, but this is the first time it’s impossible as Metallica’s majestic anthems such as: “Enter Sandman”, “One”, “Seek & Destroy”, “The Unforgiven”, “Sad but True” on to the unforgettable melodies of masterpieces like “Master of Puppets” and “Nothing Else Matters” just blew out minds one by one. But, there is only one “One” and I was near to two persons in wheelchairs that new the meaning of the song to the core, exactly as I was and it was beyond magic, it was the most precious part of the concert to experience that epic song surrounded by the people that know exactly the meaning of each powerful cord and the strength the song provided us to survive something that seamed beyond reach. PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT!

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