UBUREN is a three-member black metal band from Norway that was formed in 2010. Firstly, they were named Skyggegjemsel, but changed it in 2010. The band explain the meaning of their name the following way: “The word Uburen is based on old Norse, and cannot be directly translated into English, but its meaning would be; carried out or cast out. It is said that desperate mothers who didn’t see any other way out for their weak and unwanted babies, would throw them off the edge of the mountain”.

With the horrific picture printed into your brain, we got the impression that the live performance from the band was very interesting and intriguing as they successfully combined black and viking metal elements with norse mythology inputs. I’m looking forward to what the band has to offer in the future. So far, they have released four albums, and the last one “Usurp the Throne” (published this year) was successfully promoted last night.

KANONENFIEBER is a project of a German multi-instrumentalist whose identity is hidden and the artist is known by the name: NOISE. He started out in 2020 in Bamberg, and in a very short time it attracted many black metal fans. So far, Noise released one album and one EP from his home studio and his identity remains hidden because the music should speak for itself, and it should be listened to without prejudice or disturbances from other sides. All his texts and stories described in songs are historically accurate and verifiable.

Kanonenfieber gave an excellent performance and gained a lot of new fans, many of audience members came exclusively to see them so I was amazed that the concert was held in a completely packed venue and afterwards I felt like an army tank run over me out of amazement and excitement to finally see the band I noticed a long time ago.  

The legendary Polish blackers BATUSHKA (Batûška), led by founder Krzysztof “Derph” Drabikowski finally came to the stage. Batushka was formed in 2015 in Białystok. The name of the band comes from the word for “father”, i.e. any Orthodox priest, hieromonk and songs deal with eastern orthodox liturgy and religion and their lyrics are in the Old Slavonic language. Batushka soon splits into two bands: one led by Drabikowski, the other led by Bartłomiej “Bart” Krysiuk. In 2019, Drabikowski released the eight-song album Panihida (“Panihida”/Requiem) with the band, which received great reviews and was also very well received by fans.

The album became a big hit on the metal scene and ensured the band great popularity and appearances at numerous festivals, and their performances in Russia and Belarus were cancelled due to protests. Unfortunately, their performance in Belgrade, Serbia within this tour was also cancelled due to protests from priests which demanded that the concert must be cancelled. Due to security reasons for all visitors, the concert was cancelled.

Their Multi-instrumentalist Drabikowski got the very idea of founding a band while reading comments on YouTube under videos with Orthodox music and how “holy songs are more metal than any satanic black metal”. Indeed, the concert was great and in line with all expectations, as it combined the elements of Eastern Orthodox Liturgy with Black Metal elements in a way that’s enchanting. Batushka once again managed to take us to their holy, sacred, dark place with a strange twist in which they manage to make everything dark and forbidden become appealing. Ill dare to say that Batushka is one of the most fun and entertaining black metal bands, which is a miracle by itself as you usually don’t consider black metal concerts to be a place of fun. I mean, all black metal concerts are always fun but not in a “fun uplifting way” but in a more: “very dark atmosphere fun” kind of way. Batushka manages to put a smile on anyone’s face, as every fan has its favorite song for which they came for and wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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