ULTIMA RATIO FEST 2022: Moonspell, Insomnium, Borknagar, Arena Wien, 11.10.2022

ULTIMA RATIO FEST 2022: Moonspell, Insomnium, Borknagar, Arena Wien, 11.10.2022
October 11, 2022 all-day


Three decades of band history, and more ambitious and stronger than ever. ‘Hermitage’, the 13th and latest studio album from the goth metal pioneers – was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Primordial, Ghost, Sólsta r & many more) at Orgone Studios in the UK. Building on the dark, revolutionary and sensitive faces of the album, it is an entertaining yet epic journey through the darkest days of human existence. But of course they don’t move away from their metal roots! “Hermitage” is a revolutionary, wonderfully empathetic and epic journey from one of the most distinctive dark metal bands of all time, and a testament to what they have always loved most: honest, emo onal metal that inspires us even in the darkest of times connects. “We know that we are entering the final years of our music career, the winter of our lives.” reveals lead singer Fernando Ribeiro. “We don’t mind people saying we’re young at heart or so-called ‘lead wolves’. We’re not! But we do care about how the people around us think about us, and this album is about it of our feelings, our answers to your questions. […] “Hermitage” is an invitation to simplicity and humility. To be thankful, to offer comfort, and to offer entertainment. We sincerely hope that this appeal reaches everyone , and they kindly accept what we offer. That they may take our music with them to the place they consider their private retreat. To their secret place, their hermitage. Blessed be you.” That means the Portuguese will do their best – as always.


As new co-headliners, INSOMNIUM have used their forced home break to write and release their critically acclaimed EP “Argent Moon”, which also comes with four mesmerizing music videos – and now Finland’s melodic death band are throwing Masterminds finally back their shadows over Europe. Together with Portuguese dark metallers MOONSPELL they will embark on a co-headlining tour in September and October 2022 to spread their dark sounds and bring their most haunting tracks to the stages, including songs from their latest album “Heart Like A Grave”. , which reached number 1 in the Finnish album charts for the second time in a row.

Niilo Sevänen, frontman of Insomnium: “We’re thrilled to embark on this co-headline European tour with our friends Moonspell! It’s a strong package with 5 great bands each night so you shouldn’t miss this tour. See you soon!”


Intrepid progressive black metallers Borknagar are no strangers to the scene either. Founded in 1995, the members play with Enslaved, Immortal, Gorgoroth and Ulver, among others – there is hardly any other forma on that has developed classic black metal with as much musical diversity as these Norwegians!

The band’s latest studio effort, “True North” is a push forward, clear, refined and full of power. There’s really no holding back now – but with more than 25 years of band history, it’s already a thing

small wonder that Mastermind Brun and Borknagar are still at the start. Coincidence or part of the plan from the start?!

What does Brun expect from the adoring Borknagar fans after hearing “True North”? He doesn’t want to de ne that so clearly. Rather, true to the band’s brief, he wants hordes of freethinkers to come to their own conclusions on Borknagar’s latest musical adventure. In fact, he says: “…listen and let your thoughts lie!” But for those who need a little guidance, “True North” is the essence of Winter Thrice, Empiricism and The Olden Domain, an encapsulation of 25 years of work into a single, forward-moving entity. It’s the beginning of something new, the next level, and yet somehow familiar. The time to marvel at and orient yourself at the sound spectacle of “True North” is now – on stage.


Finnish heroes WOLFHEART have already proven to be one of the most compelling metal acts of northern origin and one of the fastest rising bands in the interna onal melodic death metal scene. In the last two years alone, the band have continued tirelessly with the release of their critically acclaimed full-length album Wolves of Karelia (2020) and Skull Soldiers EP (2021) and their chilling tales of struggle and triumph received great praise from fans and press alike. The new album “King Of The North” (release: September 16, 2022 via Napalm Records) picks up right where WOLFHEART left off – and elevates every aspect of their signature sound of colossal melodies, growling vocals and driving drum rhythms to a new level Level.


Rounding out the eclectic package, the Texas-based combo creates a unique melodic death/doom metal sound built on dark, stomping rises, atmosphere and haunting melodies. What was the guitarist’s one-man project and vocalist Casey Hurd has since grown into a band with a diverse array of talented musicians pushing the group forward. Following the release of their critically acclaimed EP “Death of the Cosmic” on Napalm Records in 2020, HINAYANA continue to evolve their sound and hope to hit the studio with new material soon.

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