NILE, Omophagia, Vapor, Confess; Boogaloo, Zagreb, 2.5.2023

NILE, Omophagia, Vapor, Confess; Boogaloo, Zagreb, 2.5.2023
May 2, 2023 all-day

Death metal legends NILE are coming to Zagreb for the fourth time! After 15 years, they return to Boogaloo as part of the “Vile Nilotic Rites” tour, where they promote the album of the same name. The champions of brutal/technical death metal are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and on this occasion they will surely justify such a title. Tuesday, May 2, should be entered in diaries and smart phones. The bands Confess from Iran, Omophagia from Switzerland and Vapor from the USA will also perform with them. After the bands with a hard metal set, DJ Barby continues!

All early bird tickets are sold out. The advance ticket price is €27 and can be purchased at the Dirty Old Shop and on their website, and at the entrance (if there are any left) it will cost €30.

Nile was created in 1993 in South Carolina, more precisely in the town of Greenville. It was founded by the legendary Karl Sanders, who previously played in the band Morriah. A year later the band recorded their first EP, and in 1995 they were already on tour with Deicide and Obituary. The themes of their songs, which are mostly written by Karl Sanders, are related to ancient Egypt, which the band’s name itself suggests, as well as Middle Eastern mysticism, and as it often happens in metal, H. P. Lovecraft fans will also find something for themselves. The band is also known for its great drummers: at one point the session drummer (and snake breeder in his spare time) was the legendary Derek “One Take” Roddy, and since 2004 the band member is the Greek George Kollias, considered by many to be one of the best drummers in metal. at all. In addition to George and Karl, the band also includes Brian Kingsland on guitar and vocals, and Julian Guillen will appear as session bassist on this tour.

The band has recorded nine albums so far, and the current “Vile Nilotic Rites”, as announced by Sanders, should receive a successor in the current year.





Confess is an Iranian-Swiss groove metal / hardcore band formed in 2010, and they like to say that they are a “five-member street protest”. They released their first album “Beginning of Dominion” in 2012, and the second “In Pursuit of Dreams” was released three years later. They were then accused of blasphemy and propaganda against the state, which resulted in 18 months in one of Iran’s worst prisons and 74 lashes, and their story was covered by numerous world media. In 2018, they moved to Norway where, among other things, they played with Mayhem, and at the beginning of last year they released their third album “Revenge at all Costs”, which received great reviews from critics.

Omophagia is a Swiss death metal band formed in 2006 in Zurich. Their name means the Greek word for enjoying raw meat while celebrating the god Dionysus. Along with the aptly named demo “Devouring Raw Flesh” from 2008, they have released four albums so far, and the current one “Rebirth in Black” will be promoted on this occasion at Boogaloo!

Vapor is a three-member American band formed in 2004 in the northern part of California. Their sound can be described as a combination of trash, speed and death metal. The band is in full “war readiness”: they recently toured with Destruction and Nervos, and their third album should be released soon.

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