August 9, 2022 all-day

Each year, August 9 marks the sad anniversary of the use of the atomic bomb over Nagasaki. This year, August 9 will be different – a metal concert is to take place in Ljubljana on August 9 this year, which will certainly be as explosive as an atomic bomb, but the future will certainly remember it in a very good light. What good – top quality!
Ljubljana’s Cvetličarna will be visited by a touring caravan led by the German legendary thrashers Kreator and American representatives of the new wave of metal, Lamb of God. With them, however, will be a few more groups to be seen.
The creator, the cult German thrashers, do not stop after almost 4 decades of operation. Stronger than ever, they will present their latest album Hate Über Alles in Ljubljana, a new dose of social criticism, and Mille Petrozza and others will play iron hits such as Tormentor, Violent Revolution, etc. Kreator are just a band that hard times need and there is no better relaxation than Kreator moshpit.
But it will be possible to ‘survive’ until the performance of the main cast, if right in front of them play the American lunatics Lamb Of God, who still present the eponymous album and of course the cannon barrage of hits such as Sacrament, Now You’ve Got Something To Die For etc. The Virginia Quintet is known for their destructive performances and incredible energy and you will definitely have to make an effort to stay until the Creator arrives on stage.
A real treat for the ears will be the American death metallers Blood Incantation, who in recent years with their unusual sonic approach to death metal stir the spirits and impress crowds around the world, and the one and only dark Cattle Decapitation, considered one of the most pessimistic, brutal and fast deaths. metal bands in the world – still represent the top opus of nihilis, Death Atlas.
The biggest surprise is certainly the American modern metallers Vended, led by Griffin Taylor, the son of Slipknot / Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor, and the band also includes the son of Slipknot’s founding member Shawn “Clowna” Crahan, Simon Crahan.

Tickets can be purchased through On-Parola and sales systems. Admission: 42 euros in advance, 47 on the day of the concert…/lamb…/vstopnice-1153057.html
Tickets can be bought through On-Parole or ticket systems. Tickets: 42 euros in presale, 47 euros on show day…/lamb…/vstopnice-1153057.html
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Atomic metal attack on Ljubljana