GRIMA, SitiS, Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 09.03.2023.

GRIMA, SitiS, Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, 09.03.2023.
March 9, 2023 all-day

Black metal twins hiding behind the name Grima arrive at the Vintage Industrial Bar from distant Siberia! The date to note is March 9, 2023 (Thursday). The local black snow band SitiS will perform as post-guests! Buy tickets through the Dirty Old Shop at a price of €15!
According to Google Maps, it is more than 6500 kilometers from Zagreb to Krasnoyarsk. Morbius and Vilhelm, the twins who founded this band in 2014, will overcome at least that much. The band started as an exclusively studio project, and they had their first live performance only in 2021. Their sound can be described as atmospheric black metal with folk and pagan elements. They have released five albums so far, while the current “Frostbitten” (2022) will be promoted on this occasion in Vintage. Grima is normally the supreme god who protects those who live in the forest, but punishes all those who do not respect nature. Interestingly, in Spanish, grima means the feeling we get when someone scratches on a blackboard or similar surface with their fingernails or chalk.
Here’s what we’ll say about SitiS: it’s the last hour to catch these raw and merciless Zagreb entities by their devilish tails, as they’re about to plunge into the darkness of their black metal dungeon to begin what’s already begun – the recording of new diabolical death-celebration material soon to be released as Split EP with Slovenian forces SNOGG. We can expect only the blackest and most twisted dissonances from this depraved foursome, which mix with elements of old school black and thus scathingly create their vision of hypnotic black metal.
Asgaardian Events present:
Grima (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Grima – Enisey:
Grima – Cedar and Owls:
Grima – Giant’s Eternal Sleep:
A duo from the dark woods of Siberia, founded by Velhelm and Morbius.
It has existed since 2014 as a studio-only project, with a pagan ethos “based on the worship of the elder forest, its power and magic, where the Grima is a supreme god… a powerful spirit, who protects only those who live in a forest, and punishes everyone who does not respect nature”.
Modernized war is devastating, not only for human beings but also for the earth. It brings death and decay to everything our cult cherishes, leaving bruises and permanent scars on the earth’s body. Putting our sacred temple on fire.
Grima, our almighty god, weeps in the sight of all the destruction unholy beings have brought upon us. But no one can hear our lamentations, as we speak a long forgotten tongue. For this reason we are pleased to announce a “Frostbitten” journey through the mainland with our friends whom we met last summer who share our conviction but in a different and more direct approach. Please cheer for the human mill and German anti-war blackened death metal outfit Kanonenfieber.
Doors 20:00 l Vintage Industrial Bar – Savska cesta 160 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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