Coltaine, Kariti – Močvara Zagreb 01.03.2023

Coltaine, Kariti – Močvara Zagreb 01.03.2023
February 1, 2023 all-day

Fry some stoner rock in hot oil and add a lot of sludge and psychedelia to it. When all three come together, season it with elements of black and doom metal and mix fiercely on the strongest possible fire until you get a guitar explosion that will shake all your organs. That’s how we could describe the German group Coltaine, which is coming to Močvara for the first time.
This group was founded by brothers Moe and Benedikt Berg in 2014 under the name Witchfucker, and under that name they recorded five studio albums. However, last year they changed their name to Coltaine, keeping the membership of the band at that time, but also the specific fierce sound with which they gained a large audience in Germany and Europe. How important the new name is to them is evidenced by the fact that all earlier releases are now signed Coltaine.
But the names are fleeting anyway, the sound is eternal, so we can only judge Coltain by the uncompromising riffs that carry this band. Let’s also mention that the singer of the band is Iva Jelinek, whose name suggests that she comes from these parts, and we hear that in the song “Gori” from their latest studio album “B​ä​d Vibez Önly – Aufarbeitung einer Krise”.
“The idiosyncratic, original mixture of black metal, doom metal, sludge and (new) stoner rock is presented here even more compelling and precise. Coltaine still mix lava riffs with black metal saws, are sometimes slowly viscous, sometimes hectically blasting, here grooving , there progressively intricate.”

Kairiti is a Russian musician who has been living in Italy for years, and who appeared on the scene in 2020 with the excellent album “Covered Mirrors”. On that album, Kariti presented herself with a dark-folk expression, in which she combined her Russian origins with a dark, somewhat heavy musical background based on acoustic guitar and electronic effects. With songs in Russian and English, Kariti immediately captured the attention of the European media as one of the more interesting new performers. Her great vocals set her apart from the crowd of similar singers, and Karita is coming to Močvar to present her new album, which will be released this year.
“Viscerally beautiful and haunting dark folk that sees our pain and holds a healing hand over it.” Cvlt Nation

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