KASSOGHTA opened the evening of great metal treats that were announced in December last year, but many awaited this event for more than 10 years, as that was the last time Decapitated visited Croatia. Kassoghta, which came to Croatia for the first time, is a progressive death metal band formed in 2018 in Geneva. They have two studio albums behind them: “A New World to Come” (2018) and “rEvolve” (2022). They had a great performance and luckily this time the audience showed up on time and the venue was decently filled up.

NERVOSA, a female trash/death metal band from Sao Paolo was formed 14 years ago. So far, they have four albums behind them, and the most current of them is “Jailbreak”. Nervosa established themselves as a serious, fun and respectable band a long time ago and their performance was definitely a highlight for many. The biggest highlight of the concert for me was the performance of “Kill the silence”, a song dealing with a theme domestic violence and it sounds way more powerful and inspiring live!

INCANTATION represent one of the legends, along with Sufffocation, Immolation and Mortician; they are the backbone of the New York death metal scene. Incantation, an American death metal band was formed in New Jersey 35 years ago. So far, they have released 10 studio albums, of which “Unholy Deification” saw the light of day in August 2023. They are often cited as role models for bands such as Dead Congregation, Portal and Grave Miasma, but their influence doesn’t stop at that as many of audience members came exclusively to see Incantation last night. The band has returned to Zagreb after eight years and it was visible that their fan base is solid and even grew. Their performance was uplifting, perfect and all we dreamt off!

DECAPITATED returned to Zagreb as part of the European “Nihility” tour. Decapitated was formed in the Polish city of Krosno 28 years ago, and it consists of Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka (guitar), Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski (vocals), Paweł Pasek (bass) and James Stewart (drums). Vogg also played in Vader, and is a current member of Machine Head. They play technical death metal and enjoy great respect among the metal world for their playing skills and are considered a highly influential band. Decapitated has released eight albums so far and came to Zagreb to promote the most current one: “Cancer Culture”. Decapitated gave an excellent performance, filled with energy and fired up riffs that blew our minds away! Great, great, excellent!!

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