Bare is like a lottery, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Unfortunately, last night was again like joining a very strange theatre of tragedy and absurdness. Huge hit in Croatia was a theatre play “Stara škola kreka – iz tame u svjetlo” that shows the horrors of drug use and horrifying consequences. But seeing a singer you really love demonstrating exactly how ruined he is far more terrifying than the aforementioned play.

If you go to his concert, better get drunk way before it starts as at least you will feel good no matter what happens after the concert starts. In a way it’s like going to club Jabuka as a teenager, you get really drunk way before you enter the club and you always have a blast!

I will not write about the tragic parts of the concert as I love and respect the opus and work of the artist but during the weak parts of the concert the only thing that was holding the atmosphere at a decent level was the band and the audience singing their favourite songs. The concert wasn’t tragic the whole time as miraculously Bare recovered sometime around the middle of it and gave decent performances of the songs: “Budi ponosan”, “Teške boje” and “Vrijeme je da se krene”.

My disappointment with the concert was bigger than I could imagine as this was the last chance I was giving to Bare and I heard that he managed to have a great performance at Arena Zagreb last year. Please bare, snap out of it all and try to give us more great performances in the future!

They say that you can never trust an addict, but I sincerely hope this was one relapse and Bare will understand that the turning point for him passed a long time ago. The turning point was an instance at which Bare should ask himself: “How do you define yourself? How do you want to be remembered? As a rock star? Or a struggling recovering drug addict?”. Many people think it is already late, but thousands and thousands of people love Bare and haven’t given up hope that it’s not too late for him to be remembered as a greatest rock star from this country. So, Bare, it’s your turn to continue to deliver good concerts as that is your legacy and we still believe you can do it!


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