Concert was opened by STILLBIRTH, German Death Metal Band, that has the web page named: and indeed their concert was a unique party you shouldn’t miss!


I even think they would be loved even by non-death metal fans due to their explosive and fun performance. At first, I had to look up the facts as I thought they might be a genuine surf Australian band as they all had summer themed shorts and surf boards on stage, which was pretty insane and fun! Although the band was formed back in 1999, their youthful explosive energy won over the crowd with great ease. Definitely looking forward to their next performance, hopefully as soon as possible!


FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, a Symphonic Death Metal band from Italy, gave an extraordinary performance! The uniqueness of the band lies in the fact that the bank, apart from symphonic and death metal elements very skilfully uses technical death elements which make their twisted symphonies very appealing! Their concert was eagerly awaited, and we were fully satisfied as they sound great live although there were some comments that they really stand out in open air concerts but sometimes you can’t have it all;)


EUROPE vs. GOLIATH Tour started in Slovenia and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the news about it! KATAKLYSM is currently promoting their very successful album GOLIATH, which has already hit no. 1 on metal charts (ALBUM OF THE MONTH in Metal Hammer!). Two songs from the new album “Goliath” already stand out as very powerful and strong hits: “Bringer of Vengeance” and “Die as a King” and luckily the band performed them last night! 

General impression was that Kataklysm is bursting with explosive and contagious energy that was extremely successfully transferred to the audience. I almost felt that I could fall in love with each or any of the band members as they didn’t demonstrate only extreme professionalism, stamina and positive energy but not a trace of excessive ego-trips could be noticed so I see a band as a group of highly charismatic individuals that emit “great personality vibe”. But, it might be the influence of the experience of listening to the song “Narcissist”, after which you feel that the band really sings about highly relatable themes that occupy our daily lives!  Every single one of the band members indeed looked like a super-hero doing their best and full 100%. I’m sure all the fans were extremely satisfied.


The concert wasn’t sold out, but I wasn’t greatly surprised as the band was on an extensive EU winter/spring tour in 2023 with Swedish metal legends Soilwork. That was the last time we saw the band live and all those that are not die-hard fans could live with themselves if they missed this concert or plan to see the band on a festival or some other occasion. Since the concert wasn’t sold out, but the hall was decently filled up, we had one of the best concert experiences! There was none of the crowd pushing, literally everyone could have their personal space non invaded;) The hall auditorium is filled with steps, so it was impossible to stand too close to everyone else and even the seats were available. So, overall, a great experience as even in the first row there was no crowd pushing each other and it was an overall great experience.

The concert was fun and fulfilling; traditionally “As I Slither” was followed by crowd surfing and stage diving and the moment of perfection was reached when the dance of death started as Maurizio invited all to divide themselves and create a void in the audience and then choose a partner for the dance. Great move for all that came to the concert solo! It was beautiful, fun and heartwarming! 

Apart from already mentioned songs, the other highlights of the concert were: “Thy Serpents Tongue”, “Let Them Burn”, “Crippled & Broken” and “The Black Sheep”. I was a bit sad that I didn’t hear “To Reign Again”, but the band performed it at last year’s concert so I will be able to continue with my life as I had a chance to hear my most favourite song live!

The conclusion is that it was a concert not worth missing, as it doesn’t matter how many times you saw the band live or how much time passed since the last concert, this. First concert from a 2024 tour was explosive and great and we are extremely happy it happened in the beautiful KINO ŠIŠKA, LJUBLJANA!

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