PORTAL TO HELL WAS OPENED BY IMPIETY, we might as well stay there!

Helldrifter (Germany, death metal)

HELLDRIFTER, a German death metal band opened the evening and it was refreshing seeing the band members being very open and up for fun as they were literally all over the place as the band member was running throughout the concert hall in a very entertaining way:) Their concert was somewhat a surprise for those that didn’t like the band from before, as they didn’t sound as brutal as die-hard fans that came last night expected from all the bands. But I’m always in favour of mixing genres (unless completely unnatural and not appropriate mix) within one evening as it adds up to variety, the experience is more fun and there’s no need to immediately compare the bands as each band has something unique to offer within its own genre! So, their performance was uplifting, positive and fun! A very exciting start to the evening!

As always, entry for this concert, as a series of concerts organised by Nasty Events and Abyssal Booking was free for all attendants who are under 18. Unfortunately, that right was not claimed by many although the scene is existent so hopefully more youngsters will show up in the future, as after all: club and concert scene will remain alive with fresh blood flowing in.

Nihilo (Switzerland, death metal)

NIHILO gave an explosive performance and all I could think about at this point was that it was a real shame more people didn’t show up at the concert as a real threat was ahead of us. It was a great evening and I was thrilled to be surrounded with such great friends and Helldrifter band members still running all over the place:) This was one of those rare nights and those kinds of friends and audience made you remember that sometimes friends mean more than family and great music even more!!

IMPIETY gave an extremely explosive and mind-blowing performance! I, as well as all the privileged ones in the audience were thrilled to be present at the show given by a very exotic and original black metal band from Singapore. Their sound is so unique that the band won a title of: “my love at first listening” and a band of the year! So, taking all that into consideration you should be very ashamed if you missed this concert as a unique opportunity to see such an original band is not in sight in near future.

PORTAL TO HELL WAS OPENED BY IMPIETY and we might as well stay here! After I fell in love with the band at first listening, I started loving them even more as they won the audience with their audio-visual attack called: THE IMPIETY CONCERT! I was expecting more “noise” and audio attack assault performance and less enjoyment and got quite the opposite: as the band sounds really coherent and great live.

Once again: if you missed IMPIETY live: shame on you, watch out never to repeat a similar mistake again. This was indeed a highly exclusive concert as the great IMPIETY on a tour of Europe for only two weeks and they managed to visit our town. So please bear that in mind for future reference.


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