The concert has been an amazing celebration of 35 years of the career of the band and was announced as the last concert the band will hold. Yesterday, the first of two consecutive sold-out concerts was held in the small hall of Dvorana sportova. It was great news to hear that the band sold out two concerts in a row, especially considering the venue is quite big. They have truly stepped into the hall of fame together with many other bands, but rarely have any of them made such a success. Afterall, an overall of 7.000 people attended the two sold out concerts. It was also proof that the band is one of the best loved among the Croatians.

The following text is going to present the pros and cons of last night and hopefully it will contribute to critical thinking and further debate.

Its been truly a great celebration of the great bands career which lasted for 35 years and the band decided to celebrate by performing 35 songs. The concert was opened by “Pjevajte nešto ljubavno“ and it instantly created chaos in the audience as it was a beautiful sight to see fans join a sing throughout the whole song and the atmosphere was filled with pure joy and positivity.

Absolute highlights of the concert were: „Ne volim te“, „Trening za umiranje“, „Soundtrack za život“ and „Pravo ja“. Other, also brilliant parts were performances of: „Teško je ful biti kul“, „Politika“, „Pitala si me“ and „Samo za taj osjećaj“. Encore included 7 songs among which some were: „Zimmer frei“, „Konobar“, „Nema više…“ and „Fur immer punk“.

So by the very rich setlist, hardly anyone could be left unsatisfied, but unfortunately the band decided that they will not play „Buba Švabe“ which is a song that many young people and those young at heart love. I know many who actually got into listening to punk after hearing that song. Also my favourite „Zakaj se tak’ oblačiš“ wasn’t played and it’s a shame as it’s one of the iconic songs that instantly provides a flashback into growing up struggles of being a punker in our distorted society. Also, „Für Immer punk“ was kind of out of place, as the band shifted and evolved into a highly popular rock band which performs highly popular rock songs suitable for all generations. So I kinda got the impression that they moved away from heavier songs in favor of the taste of large masses. Understandable, as hardly anyone can stay Für Immer punk after fighting with everyday problems related to work and family issues so it’s understandable that people change and evolve.

Above stated is only a personal opinion of someone who grew up listening to punk and is quite older so consider it as „boomer babbling“. The overall impression of the concert is very good as there aren’t many bands that can hold a concert consisting of 35 songs and maintain a great atmosphere in the audience which was very successfully accomplished by Hladno pivo last night! Masterfully done! It was a great celebration of 35 birthdays of the band and an especially touching moment was the speech in which the singer Mile explained why they love this venue so much and made us all realise how far the band has gone (from the modest beginnings) as they have really made a great success of oftheir musical careers!

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