Epica soared from gothic undertones to a broad, epic and triumphant amalgamation of all things monolithic, establishing their unique brand of unparalleled vocal excellence by Simone Simons with a band both ready to tear down venues around the globe while at the same time installing orchestral splendour, progressive elegance, oriental enchantment, cinematic soundscapes and colossal fury into their trailblazing, bombshell sound.

Formed by composer Mark Jansen after leaving After Forever back in 2002, they quickly gained attention outside their home country, taking big steps towards becoming the leading symphonic metal superpower they have long proven to be. After their ambitious debut The Phantom Agony (2002) and the surprisingly eclectic sophomore work, Consign To Oblivion (2005), the road took them to new heights via their first concept masterpiece, The Divine Conspiracy (2007) and their global breakthrough, Design Your Universe (2009).

However, especially 2012’s opus, Requiem For The Indifferent, 2014’s bedazzling, The Quantum Enigma and their finest, most embellished effort yet, The Holographic Principle (2016), cemented their reputation as not only one of the hardest working metal bands in the business but also as one of the best. With Omega, the final part of the metaphysical trilogy that began with The Quantum Enigma, they reclaim the throne without so much as the blink of an eye.

Supporting act: CELTICA PIPES ROCK


Celtica is one of the most innovative and creative bands in Folk and Celtic-Rock, they fascinate audiences from metalheads to grandmothers all across the world. More than 550 performances from Alaska to Hawaii, from Wacken to India, winner of Australian Celtic Music Awards as „International Artist of the Year 2019“, 5 Studio-albums, 2 live-double-CDs and DVDs with classical orchestra and huge choir are the impressive references of the band. Newest member of the band, Ernesto Góngora, is one of the best bagpipers and whistle-players worldwide, winner of the All Ireland Bagpipe Solo Competition 2019.

The majestic-mystic sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe elevates above the powerful rock band, influences of Irish Folk, Symphonic Metal, and even Gothic merge with the energetic Celtic music, full of lust of life.
This sound and the spectacular show guarantee a concert no one will ever forget. Mystic torches on the bagpipes and burning drumsticks, thundering against huge drums, create a cultic atmosphere, flames, shooting out of the instruments, entertain every audience worldwide…

That’s why Celtica is one of the most booked acts at Celtic, Scottish, Steampunk and Medieval Festivals as well as at town festivals.

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