The host of the concert announced the concert as: the manifestations of blackness which are a necessity in pandemic times and it couldn’t be more right. Indeed, this was just what we needed and after the too long pandemic and depressive pause from the concerts this concert was a real treat! Especially takin into consideration that hosts: KLUB MOČVARA (@mochvara) and MANIFEST CRNILA (@Manifestcrnila) have lined up several exciting concerts in a row. After several months of tacking numerous cancellations of the concerts, things are finally looking more optimistic and hopefully will continue so.

ATTITUDES TO HUMAN EXTINCTION (Croatia) are a Death metal band formed 2018 in Koprivnica that have released their first single in 2019 and released their EP “Rotten” in November 2020. Apart from the songs already presented at their EP “Rotten” the band also presented brand new songs.

The band presents itself as a band that writes to document the erosion of society and I must admit they are on the right track especially as they are not only “another Death metal band” but Technical death metal elements can be traced which adds to its appeal very much. Idea of A.T.H.E. is to point out and possibly change negative and destructive behavior, which can be determined as a successful path as exaggerations in a musical style really do send a strong message! Lyrical themes that the band engages into are: decay, society, death and they do deliver strong messages as a society today as we now it indeed is sick to do core.

I was genuinely trilled to finally see a promising Croatian Death metal band, they sounded very good live, the performance was executed professionally although they have had a problem with a drummer. Nevertheless, the other band members didn’t allow any obstacles to lead to a set back and the performance sounded like an uncompromised attack that left none cold-blooded. Special advantages A.T.H.E. are masterful Technical death metal elements and inclusion of two vocalists which his always a good idea and I’m looking forward to more of that. Make sure you follow their further endeavors as the band is looking very promising and the prospects for the future look great so far!

SLAEGT (Denmark), a heavy black metal band, also comes from Copenhagen underground scene. They have also started out in a similar time as their colleagues Demon Head: in 2021 and in 2012 when they released their first Demo. However, their origins have been founded in the original black metal, but they gradually evolved into a band that is now presented as: Heavy metal with a blackened spirit from Copenhagen. The composition and the atmosphere of the songs have made a turn from the very dark black from the begging into a mixture of heavy metal influences. They are successfully combining both genres, have been touring a lot and have signed for the Century Media Records.

Slaegt is presenting their new album “Goddess” which has been released in March 2022. Two singles have already been launched: “Fealty, Thunder Whip” and “Kiss from a Knife“. My personal favorite is the song “Deceived By An Amethyst” due to its special atmosphere and a very catchy composition and riffs. Lyrical themes the band presents concentrate around hatred, individualism, isolation and magic elements which is highly relatable in these post pandemic days in which many are trying to get over the consequences many of us faces during lockdown and all the bad events that occurred.

Their new album indeed presents powerful and emotionally charged black heavy metal, done in the unique Slaegt way. Unique characteristic of the band is that the atmosphere and the impression from the songs are not depressive, but rather uplifting- as they offer a way to deal and conquer trauma and dark experiences.

I can’t remember the last time a band won me over live as much as Slaegt did last night. They sound better and more powerful live which is a precious characteristic of band that certainly has a bright future ahead in terms of further successful tours. Their style is unique as even bits and traces of groovy and psychedelic rock influences can be traces which only adds to creative mixture Slaegt presented. I have even changed my mind about the favorite song from the band from: “Deceived By An Amethyst” to headlining “Goddess” which were performed in a very energetic and passionate way. It was impossible not to fall in love with the band. Make sure you follow the band and their further releases and concerts. 

DEMON HEAD (Denmark) come straight from the Copenhagen underground whose hard work over the last ten years has been based on constant releases and numerous concerts and festival appearances. Their sound has evolved from the original doom heavy metal to specific sound of Scandinavian Diabolic Rock. Overall, it could be said that their sound represents the mixture of Doom Metal and Hard Rock, but with very interesting elements of darker and thrash, which creates an interesting combination and a unique mixture of sounds and riffs.

The band is preoccupied with occult and dark fantasy themes and the lyrics of the songs take us into that special journey. They have been recognized by Metal Blade, which became their Label. Their latest two albums: “Hellfire Ocean Void” (2019) and “Viscera” (2021) received very good feedback from the audience which was well established though an extensive European tour and festival appearances.

Demon Head gave and excellent performance last night. I must admit I wasn’t immediately won over from the opening song, but that quickly changed as the band quickly created very fun, uplifting and dynamic atmosphere as clearly, they have established themselves as top notch performers. They have engaged with the audience very successfully and received good feedback. Unfortunately, the venue wasn’t fully packed, maybe due to the date of the concert that wasn’t set on a weekend, but on a Sunday; so part of the people that wanted to travel to the concert from other cities couldn’t due to other obligations (eg. arriving to work on time on Monday).

Overall impression is very good, Demon Head gave us a boost of very positive and uplifting energy which was successfully transferred from the audience feedback to band members and vice versa. The concert was concluded the first song they have ever written which was heart-warming and it was impressive to see that their earliest work was already impressive.

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