The night of Domination of Woman Power

The night was opened by SPACE OF VARIATIONS, an Ukrainian metal/rock/electronic band. They experiment and flirt with many genres and gave us a very explosive and dynamic performance. Although I must admit they were the band I expected the least from tonight in terms of a performance, they  have managed to engage the audience in the most successful way as it seemed that the timing was right and the vocalist Dima instantly won over the audience as he jumped among the audience.

The second band KHROMA took over the stage, but they didn’t quite manage to won me over although I can’t point out a specific deficiency apart from my own personal taste in music wasn’t quite in line with their view and performance. Although I always try to be as objective as possible, tonight performance didn’t quite present and convey the energy I was expecting as I got the impression that experimental parts in witch various genres were mixed maybe were a bit too much. The band was established in Helsinki in 2010 and are considered as electro-metal band that incorporates the fusion of various influences int their unique style. Khroma is currently producing the band’s third, yet to be titled, album, due out in Spring 2020. Tonight they have presented a new single “Kill the friction”

THE AGONIST came to present their sixth album “Orphans” and form me personally the band had the greatest performance tonight and have managed to overshadow the main stars of the evening. The turning point definitely was the lead vocalist Vicky Psarakis, as I was amazed that she has managed to perform all transformations from melodic to brutal growling with the greatest of ease.

The band itself gave a flawless musical performance and a sense of unity and being in tune with other band members could be sensed. The venue was finally packed almost to the last spot and we were very glad to see that the band got a very good response from the audience. The new material band presented was very good and I had an impression that the songs are quite catchy, all because of the attractiveness of the Vickys vocal abilities.  The concert lasted around forty minutes and the dynamics of uncompromised energy that is The Agonist was maintained at the highest level from the very first song „In Vertigo“ up to the majestic closing of the concert with „As One We Survive“.

JINJER just might be one of the most fastest success we have recently seen due to viral success of their video for the song „Piscies“. They have even managed to sold out the previously foreseen venue: KSET and have managed to fill up a much bigger one: Tvornica. I will not compare the worth or the amount of love for the other bands that have played in Croatia this year and didn’t have a sold out venue, but will only state that it a huge success for the band. It was also visible from the thrilled and euphoric reactions from the audience and I was surprised to see so many really young people attending the concert which was the most pleasant surprise. It was obvious that the new, creative and fresh sound of Jinjer has managed to conquer members of all generations: from the youngest to the “veterans”.

It very hard trying to describe this unique Ukrainian band, as they offer a mixture of Progressive metal, metalcore, groove metal, melodic death metal and djent but as you dive into experimental parts of some songs you can find yourself at some previously unnamed places and I believe that’s how they have managed to gather an army of fans in a very short time. The band has moments in witch they take you to a different place as you detach yourself from this world. The band came to promote the album “Macro” and the new songs were welcomed very well. Tatiana Shmailyuk has proved herself as a great band leader and entertainer as she engaged the audience with the greatest of ease and fired up the atmosphere to the maximum, dominating the stage with her insane vocal transformations, but also with an admirable amount of showmanship. The vocalist has demonstrated great vocal abilities and performed them live with hart to believe amount of ease. The concert lasted around one and half hour and the band has managed to defend its reputation of one of the biggest stars Metal scene has to offer and all those who were sceptic because of the very fast rising success have had a change of heart as the band proved themselves as worthy of even bigger stages throughout Europe. The concert was spectacularly closed with the phenomenal hit „Piscies“ and at that point we couldn’t notice one coldblooded person as event all the bartenders were dancing to the magic that Jinjer create.

Overall, the concerts were great but it’s a shame that the audience in Zagreb is not quite used to early concerts starting on time as first two bends didn’t had a very good audience attendance, people mainly started arriving in larger numbers in time to The Agonist live, which was a shame. All my praises go to organisers that compiled a concert evening with 4 bands. It’s a very good reminder of what’s awaiting us during summer festival season and a great way to keep the audience warmed up and interested in all new (and not so new) bends promotors have to present.

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