Pavao: How are you?

Elize: Great.

Pavao: What you like drink before concert?

Olof: Sprite!

Elize: No, He drink this first time. I like coffee with milk.

Pavao: Your new album came out a few weeks ago. What are the reactions? What do your fans think of it? Are they shocked, surprised or something like that? 

Olof: There were a bunch of initial reactions. People were surprised with the direction that we’ve chosen. Now when we are on tour we see the real reactions and how people are embracing our new album. For example yesterday people sang along our new songs.

Elize: Some say it’s our best album. Even my mom likes it and she is very honest about my music.


Pavao: It seems that you’ve changed style a little bit. Before it was heavier, it was more metal but now it seems softer. 

Olof: Yeah, this album is more pop, it’s more modering and it has more electronics but some parts are heavier than before.  Production is still melodic. When we make music, we don’t think is it melodic, pop or metal. We just think of music.

Elize: I’ve had some ideas in my head since our first album, but I wasn’t brave enough to use them until now.

Pavao: When you look at the audience, are there more girls or guys? 

Elize: Actually there are more girls. So many chicks. And I love it! 🙂

Pavao: I asked Arch Enemy this same question and I got exact same answer. How’s that possible? 

Elize: I don’t know. Maybe because they see some kind of connection. Maybe before girls thought that they don’t belong in this metal world. But now there are many female metal singers so I think girls found their place in the world of metal music.

Olof: Girls see role models in female singers such as Tarja Turunen because they are very feminine, their music is powerful and young girls connect to that because they want to feel the power that comes with that kind of music.

Pavao: You were in Croatia in 2011. In Zagreb. Will you come again? On a vacation maybe? 

Olof: Yeah, I’m planning on coming to Dubrovnik. It’s my number one destination.

Pavao: But how about a concert in Croatia? I’m sure a lot of Croatian fans would love to see you again.

Olof: I hope so. Because last time we were in this area we played in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. It was really good. Already then we had a lot of fans. So it would be really cool to come back.

Pavao: Elize you sing with Kamelot. What about you Olof? Do you have any side projects? 

Olof: I used to do a lot of guest guitar solos and I have a band besides Amaranthe.

Pavao: Elize, if I remember correctly you went on a audition for a Nightwish singer after Tarja left the band?

Elize: Yes, that was before we started the band. It’s actually the reason why we started the band.

Pavao: I have to ask you, I’m curious, which shampoo do you use? 🙂

Elize: Actually, I only buy use shampoos that you can buy at the hair salons. I never buy them at the supermarket because those make my hair very dry. And I like to use an organic shampoos.

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