Are you a football fan? I have to ask!

I like football, yeah, what’s not to like. I like football more than chocolate. Actually I don’t like chocolate.

Are you happy that Portugal won European Football Championship?

Extremely happy.

What can you say about the play? It was not perfect. And then the game against Croatia?

Just tell me the name of the country that won the Euro?  That’s that then. Anyway in ten years no one is going to remember it.

Do you like Christiano Ronaldo?

More than ever. Of course. He s a great guy. It s too bad that people just want to hear the gossips. For example his island Madeira was under extreme fire now and he sent a lot of money to help people. He has a big heart but people don’t like to talk about it. He grew up in poverty and now is one of the richest men in the world and still not an asshole.

But football players have horrible music taste.

Are you friends with Vitor Baia?

Not with Vitor Baia, but I am a supporter of Porto. Last time I was there with Ricardo who is a supporter of Sporting. We played some songs, it was like a talk, a night with Moonspell. We were singing at their annual award thing once so I’ve met people from FC Porto. So I’ve met Vitor Baia but we’re not friends. I just know him.

Can you give him my number?

O sure, but I don’t think his wife will like it .

OK , enough about football, let’s start with an interview. What do you think about the show today?

It was very good. We came in yesterday from Brutal Assault, also an amazing show, amazing crowd. Today was different, we played for a shorter time but I think the intensity was there; people were getting more and more into the show. I have a feeling of accomplishment.

You are on the second part of the Extinct tour. You will also visit Croatia during that tour? What are your expectations?

It’s great to return, long time since we’ve been to Croatia, in 2012 I think. On Metal Fest. And we love festivals but I think it’s much better for our fans and us as well to play in a club. We can have our own production.

On the first part of the Extinct tour last year you were supposed to come to Croatia but the show was cancelled. Why was that?

It’s always horrible to cancel a show, especially for a band like us. In our 20 years of performing we only cancelled a few shows but sometimes things happen and you can’t do anything about it, the tour bus breaks down or flights get cancelled. There is a lot more rules the past few years for musicians that travel so it also makes our job harder. And sometimes the promoters announce shows that are not certain.

What do you like better, playing in clubs or festivals?

For me clubs are better. But I’ve learned to enjoy festivals. Back when we started playing festivals in 96’, 97’ it was weird for us because we came form a club scene. Throughout the years we have learned to make good shows in festivals because they give you a different perspective. On one hand it’s very relaxed and you can meet a lot of people. And you have to know that there’s going to be a larger crowd. And clubs are more face-to-face, more intimate, that’s why I like them. Our music works better in clubs because it started there.

Last year you played on Metal Days in Slovenia. You were set for the main stage but then got scheduled for the second stage? What happened?

No, believe me music is not just playing on main or second stage. Our promoter asked us to play on second stage because there were some problems with some American bands. It was a hard decision of course, we worked hard to get on the main stage. But we could have been stubborn and insist on playing main stage and fuck up the festival schedule or move to the second stage and play at night. And it turned out great. We didn’t mind.

You have a Halloween concert in Lisbon every year. What are you doing this year? Something new?

This year we are going to be in Portugal but are planning a bigger concert on the 2nd of December. But we are doing a Helloween party for friends and fans and present Moonspell beer 

The new album has ten songs. New sound, something different. What do you think how will fans react to that?

In my opinion excellent, best reactions in years. With Extinct people realized that Moonspell isn’t about trends or going more extreme or softer, it’s music, musical product. We wanted to grow as songwriters and musicians. And Extinct was one of our most successful albums with a great response. We took a risk, did something new. We knew what we were doing and where we were going and people seem to really enjoy it.


Will you continue with it on next album or maybe do something new again?

It’s too early to say. We are making new songs for an EP that is probably going out in 2017. It’s just five songs in Portuguese. We’ll see how it will go since we’re not singing in English.

Is there any collaborations you would like to do with other musicians?

Oh yeah, sure, a lot. Sometimes it’s easier to have a guest vocalist. I’d like to work with Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and Jarboe, American singer and songwriter.

Not very obvious names but people I like. It has to be spontaneous in a way. We don’t like to do it on every album, because it gets too boring, we try to pick the right person. Like Anneke from Scorpion Flower. It doesn’t have to be someone famous to help us sell records but someone who has something interesting.

What about the scene in Portugal? Are there young bands that are starting because of you?

Yes, we made a difference in Portugal. We helped to change a mentality. When I told my father I wanted to be in a metal band he thought I was crazy because there was no one in Portugal who made a living from metal. But today, young bands can say well Moonspell did it so why not try. And it’s great if we inspire people.

You are playing in Vagos Metals Fest?

Yes. We are going to Vagos Metal Fest.

It’s in Lisbon, isn’t it?

No. The original Vagos Metal Fest stayed in Vagos and the old promotor did another festival called DOA in the south bank of Lisbon. But Vagos is still going on and tomorrow we are co lining wit Helloween. First tim we play there.

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