SFeraKon 2024, Zagreb, 10.-12.5.2024.

SFeraKon 2024, Zagreb, 10.-12.5.2024.
May 10, 2024 – May 12, 2024 all-day

SFeraKon is the oldest and largest Croatian convention that gathers fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres. Through 4 decades of holding, SFeraKon has become one of the largest European SF conventions, the largest in Central and Southeastern Europe.

In 2018, SFeraKon celebrated its 40th birthday.

In 2020, SFeraKon gets a virtual partner, SFeraKORON, the first Croatian virtual SF convention.

Who organizes SFeraKon?
SFeraKon is organized by the Science Fiction Society SFera from Zagreb. The company was founded in 1976 in Zagreb and since then has been continuously operating as a non-profit volunteer cultural organization in the area of the city of Zagreb and Croatia. In 2021, the Company celebrated 45 years of continuous work.

A brief history of SFeraKon
1977 The Zagreb Days of Science Fiction were held, from which SFeraKon developed
1979. First foreign guest of SFeraKon: Sam Lundwall
1981 The SFERA award was awarded for the first time
In 1983, SFeraKon became the official name of the convention
In 1986, SFeraKon hosted Eurocon, the European SF convention, for the first time
1995 SFeraKon collection launched
2009 The first cosplay competition was held at SFeraKon
In 2012, SFeraKon hosted Eurocon for the second time, with a record number of visitors from Croatia and the world, and a program that was held in Croatian and English.
In 2016, SFera celebrated its 40th anniversary
In 2018, the jubilee 40th SFeraKon takes place
In 2020, SFeraKOron, the first Croatian virtual convention, takes place
In 2020, SFeraKon will be held completely outdoors for the first time, in the Ribnjak park
In 2021, SFera celebrated its 45th anniversary.
In 2023, SFeraKon hosts the finals of the International Cosplay Cup Championship

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