POMARANČA @Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 6.6.2024

POMARANČA @Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 6.6.2024
June 6, 2024 all-day

From the depths of hell returns…hell’s POMARANČA!
POMARANČA (+ Metalsteel)

The legendary hard rock / heavy metal archetype is BACK!
The group, which the founder Mijo Popovič named after Anthony Burgess’s great literary work (and later Kubrick’s film adaptation) “Hell’s Orange” // A Clockwork Orange experienced huge ups and downs, but still: the stem and roots of POMARANČA remained deep in the earth , the iconic band never left, creations that defined generations of rockers and metalheads throughout the eighties and nineties, and kept the group on the metal pedestal of the entire multimillion-dollar former Yugoslavia until today.
Pomaranča played in front of more than a thousand packed halls 40 years ago and influenced quite a few newly formed groups at that time. Soldier, Uniformed, Goba Zla, Molly, who did you sleep with last night? so they became immortal classics for thousands of fans all over Yugoslavia.
Creations that rockers and heavy metallers still talk about with deep respect. With Divljimi Jagodami, they literally created heavy metal in our area, the records Peklenska Pomaranča and Madbringer (1981-1983) and together with Motori and Čarobnjaci, they simultaneously defined the genre and created the basis on which all the bands of the former collective state were built. They shared the stage with international bands Motörhead, Gillan (Deep Purple), Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper, in legendary solo concerts, and they thrilled sold-out halls across the country. History was made!
Long years of managerial problems, the military in the Balkans and weak conditions forced Pomarančo to stand still. When they returned, they released their last studio album, Takoj Se Dava Dol (1995), which produced the hits “To the sky from hell, Poljub otvornih ust, and the title single/video clip “Takoj Se Dava Dol”. The next 25 years were tough, Pomaranča persisted despite everything. The soul of Pomaranča was always indestructible, just like its creator Mijo Popovič.
The tragic premature death of original members Marko Herak and Franc Teropšič, as well as the corona virus pandemic, stopped the natural process, which began in the summer of 2019, when the group returned for its fortieth anniversary. That’s why, primarily in memory of Marko and Franco and for all NEW generations of rockers and metallers, Pomaranča was assembled in a new line-up of experienced natives of Slovenian metal. The founder of the legendary Pomaranča, the first guitar icon and the father of heavy metal in the country, without whom metal in Slovenia as we know it would not exist – the great Mijo Popovič. On bass, there was a left option: Pomaranča was joined by the biggest and most successful metal musician in the history of Slovenia, Tilen Hudrap (Pestilence, Doro, Testament, Vicious Rumors, U.D.O), who brought international experience and with Mija closed the circle of Slovenian metal history. On vocals is the legendary Matic Nareks (San Di Ego), who as part of his project (Matic Nareks Project) released a cover of Pomaranča’s song »Takoj se Dava Dol« in the previous summer, thereby creating an impetus for the first steps against the resuscitation of Pomaranča, and together with During the silent process of recording the piece in Studio Evolution, Mija recounted that Pomaranča had not even said the last words. Matic magnificently represented the great vocal legacy of Zlatko Magdalenič and Boris Krmac, already at the Pomaranče concert in Laškem in 2019. Together with the extraordinary drummer Matjaž Winkler (Keller, Requiem and many others), one of the most respected heavy metal drummers of the last twenty years, the group rejuvenated his company, and despite the topic remains cemented in the old school. Tomaž Žontar, the original keyboardist, writer of the legendary ballad “Release”, has returned and will take his place on stage for the first time in over 40 years!!! An event that many assumed would NEVER happen! And that’s not even half the story…
POMARANČA- you will see is 100% soul and orange flesh content, without matrices, artificial additives and unnecessary additives!
The organization of the event began with the combination of the long-term experience of Denis Brnčič, the father of the documentary Železne Stopinja, Metal Strike and Addende-P, who additionally contributed to the creation of the event, which will not be “just” a concert. You will see Pomarančo like you have never seen before. With a power of 666! The event on June 6, 2024 will be a spectacle that will go down in history!
The most important information: Pomaranča bo 6.6. recorded her FIRST album live, in addition to that, the concert will be recorded for the future DVD release, also the first in Pomarančina’s history!
All your present voices and voices will be recorded in eternity! Be a part of history!
Special guests: Metalsteel, who will be celebrating their 25th anniversary at the concert!
Tickets are on sale from 1.3.2024 at all Eventim sales points!!!

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