CRYPTOPSY, ATHEIST, SERPENTSLAIN, ALMOST DEAD-Nasty Abyss; Klub Močvara, Zagreb, 5.3.2024

CRYPTOPSY, ATHEIST, SERPENTSLAIN, ALMOST DEAD-Nasty Abyss; Klub Močvara, Zagreb, 5.3.2024
March 5, 2024 all-day

Abyssal Booking and Nasty Events together with club Močvara are pleased to present an evening of greats of technical death metal!


Cryptopsy (Canada, Technical Death Metal)

Matt McGachy – Vocals

Christian Donaldson – Guitar

Olivier Pinard – Bass

Flo Mounier – Drums

Cryptopsy!!! One of the most influential Canadian death metal bands is visiting us for the first time! They were formed back in 1992 in Montreal and haven’t stopped since. Alongside Gorguts, Cryptopsy is the flagship of Canadian death metal. There have been lineup changes and occasionally playing style, but it is still a band that in its more than 30-year-long career gave us genre gems such as Blasphemy Made Flesh, None so Vile, Whisper Supremacy and And then you’ll beg . We don’t even know how many times we’ve listened to these albums. The first 4 of Cryptopsy are crucial reading of the entire genre, and drummer Flo Mounier is one of the most outstanding drummers in death metal in general. The way of playing, the build-up, and the blasts as if he ran away from the 110-meter hurdles race directly into the shooting range. Everything as we like. Lord Worm, the band’s original vocalist, also treated us with a unique tongue-twisting, lifeless dry throat and insane lyrics on the aforementioned albums. Cryptopsy has 8 albums behind it, and the latest As Gomorrah Burns is the one with which they finally come to visit us. The terror of morality, the release of the intestines, the soundtrack of the fall of the millennium and the collapse of civilization. All packed in a mass of distortion where our reason disappears tone by tone. That’s what Cryptopsy is in a nutshell.


Atheist (USA, Death Metal)

Kelly Shaefer – Guitar/Vocals

Alex Haddad – Guitar

Jerry Witunsky – Guitar

Yoav Ruiz-Feingold – Bass

Steve Flynn – Drums

Another kings of the genre are coming to visit us! In the late 80’s Florida was an incredible hotbed of classics, and over time we started using the term “Florida Death Metal” to define that old classic sound. Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Death, Massacre.. all greats in one place. Atheist also appeared in that period. Atheist is one of the first progressive death metal bands to appear on the scene. Stylistically, we could always put them in the same basket with bands like Death, Cynic, Pestilence and Nocturnus. That sound, in combination with solos and classical arrangements, sometimes gives the impression that we are listening to jazz with distortion. Atheist has 4 albums behind him in his career, which is also longer than 30 years. The last one was released in 2010, and the first three: Piece of Time, Unquestionable Presence and Elements were released in the period from 1990-1993. That period was the age of the classics, Atheist gave us three. They are here for the first time and we are extremely glad to be able to host them.


Serpentslain (Zadar, death metal)

Damir Tomić – Vocal

Paulo Mateljan – Guitar

Alen Babin – Guitar

Ante Šimunić – Bass

Frane Belinić – Drums

Welcome guests, whom we will of course call again! Formed in Zadar back in 2005, fast rhythms, virtuoso bass parts, riffs, low tune chugs, dark and powerful melodies, growls and screems are only part of the bombastic arsenal that Serpentslain offers nowadays. They have an EP from 2007 called Forged in Hatred, and a full-length full-length album Age of Verdict that came out in 2020. They had a bit of a long hiatus between the two releases, but here they are back, more ready than ever.


Almost Dead (USA, metal)

Tony ROlandelli – Vocals

Zach Weed – Guitar

Felix Portillo – Bass

Ryan Glick – Drums

Metals from California, they have 6 albums behind them. They have been active for 20 years, and the bands decided to take them on tour. Also never before with us.


Tickets are available at the Dirty Old Shop and on their webshop at a price of €25 in advance and €30 on the day of the concert at the entrance to the club.

As always, entry for under 18s to all our events is free.


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