Boris Štok @VIB, Zagreb, 25.4.2024.

Boris Štok @VIB, Zagreb, 25.4.2024.
April 25, 2024 all-day

Boris Štok arrives at Vintage Industrial on Thursday, April 25, on the wings of the hit song “Kao nekada”, which he performs in
collaboration with the diva Tereza Kesovia, and the song “Can We Talk”, by Irish authors John Doherty and Aidan
O’Connor, which Boris performed at this year’s Dora.
Boris Štok – Reci mi OFFICIAL:

STOK IN VIB? It is an exceptional opportunity to sing along to the hits “Under the skin”, “Are we the only ones”, “Still”,
“Sin” and many others from Boris’ solo career, but this time in the former button factory. Still so Vintage and
yet so Industrial!
This concert is also a promotion of Boris’s new LP release of the album “Minimalism” on which, in addition to
the aforementioned Tereza Kesovia is also visited by the artists Ante Gelo, Matija Dedić, Ivo Popeskić and Elvis Stanić.

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