ANTIVALENTINOVO #8 – 18.2.2023 Zagreb, Dom sportova

ANTIVALENTINOVO #8 – 18.2.2023 Zagreb, Dom sportova
February 18, 2023 all-day

Antivalentino’s #8 arrives at Dom sportova, rides again, is getting closer!
18.2.2023. // Dom sportova, Zagreb //

Under the slogan “Nothing love, only punishment!” the coming February of next year will mark the 8th Antivalentinov in a row. This time we are returning to tradition, not only with the traditional, now cult slogan of Antivalentinov, but also by returning to the Sports Hall, from which this winter festival started.
Preparations for the most danceable rock festival in town are in full swing.
Let3, the hosts of Antivalentinov, do not yet reveal what additional trumps they will surprise the audience with, but Damir Martinović Mrle is particularly inspired by the organization of this musical spectacle, and he tells all those interested: “Žozi – Karandžobus is taking us to Mars; turn off your mind, turn on Ormaznikum, it’s open pandorium box, let the buffalo and horse’s genitals smell, let the fanfare be heard from caromline, liberals.”
Marcelo, Porto Morto and Mašinko will appear on the stage of the Small Hall of the Sports Hall, along with the already well-known Rijeka.
Uncompromising Marko Šelić – Marcelo, rapper, writer, poet and composer who precisely dissects today’s society in his works, returns to Zagreb after a five-year concert break. A little less than a year ago, he released the highly praised album “Noah’s Deception” (Lampshade Media), so the performance on Antivalentinov will be a great opportunity to listen to his new, repeatedly brutally honest songs.
Porto Morto, quickly went from “next big thing” to a favorite festival and club performer. The regionally accepted musical septet, of a hard-to-define musical genre with a recognizable and always “shifted” visual identity, is a real playing machine that has produced popular hits in recent years.
For about 50 years, punk-rock has been conquering the audience with its short form and fast tempo. Formerly a musical provocation of the counter-establishment and repression, today in the range of musical expression, it finds many devotees in every generation.
One of the favorites of local melodic punk is definitely Mašinko from Zagreb, who will bring their positive madness and punk fun to the stage of the upcoming Antivalentinov. Their lyrics and music represent the true spirit of Mašinka, irresistible to their large audience.

“…let the fanfare be heard…”
Tickets for Antivalentinovo #8 are on sale from today, November 22, through the Eventima system. Traditionally, you can buy tickets for one or two, which are available in a limited contingent, and the first to go on sale is the limited early bird contingent until December 5, 2022. (or until stocks last), after which the price of tickets increases.
Ticket for one person:
Ground floor: HRK 100 / 13.27 EUR Early bird
Tribune: HRK 120 / EUR 15.93 Early bird
Ticket for two (limited contingent):
Parter: HRK 180 / EUR 23.89 Early bird (until sold out)
Grandstand: HRK 200 / 26.54 Early bird (until sold out)
Prices are expressed in euros at the exchange rate of 7.53450

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