SURVIVED BY NOTHING, a Croatian hardcore band opened the evening. Their youthful energy got everyone into the perfect mood for the night ahead of us. Definitely watch out for further band gigs and releases as it looks very promising!

OCEAN OF ANOTHER organized this concert premiere after two years of work and preparation and we noticed the band through the media promotion as the links to band’s music were very appealing and interesting and I cannot recall any other band that had such a successful first concert. The band proved a very strong level of maturity, preparedness and even a strong band cohesion. It’s visible that the band members function well together.

The band promoted the release of the first EP album “One Day This Pain Will Subside” which is a highly relevant collection of songs that are presenting and facing many of the most important issues youth is facing today, from depression, loss, pain and search for a source of strength in the midst of this very turbulent times we live in. The band lyrically deals with the harsh reality of being human in today’s society, focusing mostly on mental health, addiction and inner struggles. Through their sons, Ocean of Another wants to lend a helping hand and create a place for connection and healing, which is reflected in their slogan “Become a drop in the Ocean of Another”. This makes the band very relevant as there are many people in search of help and even more people put their struggles aside, don’t talk about it and sometimes the magic of music therapy helps to a very great extent. The magic happens when you feel that the band, melodies and lyrics become synchronized with your inner values and Ocean of Another has the power to do just that and gain new fans instantly! Love at first listening is rare, but we experienced it with Ocean of Another!

Main source to more attention the band received was their cover of Slipknot’s song Snuff which collected over 600,000 streams on Spotify and over 150,000 views on YouTube. It was also one of the highlights of the concert. But of course, it is a great indicator that all the other songs will also establish a special place in the hearts of the army of fans the band is building!

With all that said we have a very good feeling about a brilliant future that lies ahead of the band and further abroad success! We strongly believe that it will happen and wish all the luck to the band in their path. The band offers their unique creative view that is enchanting and relevant on today’s scene.

The strength of the band lies in experienced musicians but also on the very strong charisma of the singer Dorian Pavlović, which has the genuine aura of a person that simply cares and is willing to help. Which is a lot in today’s dog eat dog world. Of course, the passion and energy of all other band members is the backbone of the band that puts the whole story of the band into a very nice package!

I was surprised to learn that all music on the debut EP was written, produced, mixed and mastered by the band itself, except for “Indigo”, which was mastered by Joel Wanasek (Machine Head, Monuments, Blessthefall) as every song sounds consistently professional. The band is actively involved in the creation of their music videos, writing, producing, directing and recording with the help of talented Croatian directors and photographers. Musical production and music videos that have been released were masterful and one of the main reasons the band gathered so much attention even before the first live performance. We all just knew it was going to sound brutal and extremely good live! It paid off believing in the band big time! Their live performance was flawless and probably the biggest and best premiere first time concert of the decade!


OCEAN OF ANOTHER, Survived by Nothing @VIB, Zagreb, 24.4.2024

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