Once you try folk metal, there’s no going back!

There are metalheads out there that experienced their first encounter with folk metal as something that sounds too weird at first and didn’t give the genre a chance at first. But the phenomenon of the genre is that it is too diverse to even try to explain it and it is highly contagious mainly due to its uplifting and sometimes comforting side effects.

SUOTANA, Finnish melodic death metal band with black and power metal influences, was the first to perform last night. It was a highly promising opening of the great evening ahead of us!

METSATÖLL, Estonian heavy metal band gave an excellent performance and quickly enchanted us and made us dive into their unique world of various influences and mixed styles that really sounded magical. The name “Metsatöll” is an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf.

Their music is interwoven with elements of folk with an emphasis on the struggle for independence in the 13th and 14th centuries, but the band also covers various themes such as Nature and Mythology. Metsatöll started in February 1999 as a three piece band playing epic metal with a few influences from Estonian folklore. After Varulven joined in 2000 the folk influences increased, since the new member could play various traditional Estonian instruments. That’s the strongest characteristic of the band as it builds a very unique mixture of sounds and special atmosphere.

FINNTROLL finally took over the stage and conquered the hearts of all present. It was a long-awaited concert and it had been a really long time since the last folk metal evening in Zagreb! Finntroll combines elements of black and death metal with Finnish humppa folk music, which is why they call their music “humppa metal”. They took their name from a Finnish legend according to which Swedish priests visiting Finland encountered an unusually wild man-like creature that killed most of their company. Those who survived talked about Finn – Troll!

Finntroll was formed 27 years ago and their lyrics are in Swedish (although they are from Finland) as Katla is Fenno-Swedish (a minority in Finland whose primary language is Swedish). Their performance was amazing as it was crystal clear from the start why is it that folk metal, or even better and more precise: humppa metal- is so contagious! Their music instantly puts you in a great mood and uplifts all and I even got the impression that no one can stand cold blooded as there is something anciently appealing to the style of music. You instantly feel the melodies through your blood and your body just can’t stand still as dancing comes naturally. Great and highly impressive gig! Can’t wait for the next occasion already!



Finntroll, Suotana, Metsatöll – Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar – 14.04.2024

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