THERION held an exclusive and magnificent concert and all that decided to come were not mistaken as this was a unique opportunity to see the band live in this part of East Europe and there is no knowing will there be another opportunity to see those legends once again near us. I was amazed to see so many travellers that came from Slovenia and Serbia to see the band live. My only regret was that Keops didn’t perform as guests as they were on tour with Therion before this concert, but I guess all cant be prefect all the time.
The concert was opened by SATRA, a Finnish symphonic metal band formed four years ago, led by vocalist Pilvi Tahkola. This was their first performance in Croatia and they gave a perfect intro into a great night ahead of us.
Therion started fiercely with “The Blood of Kingu” and lasted for more than two hours straight!! It was a real treat for all the fans and the band really gave their all and burned right there on stage and turned this cold night into a hellish flaming delight! I cant remember any concert with such good atmosphere and delighted fans, I think I hugged around 2 dozen of friends and acquaintances and all were thrilled and happy with this concert and this evening!
Therion is considered to be the pioneers of symphonic metal and represent a highly influential band in and outside of its genre. This concert was a part of the European “Leviathan” tour. Therion was founded 37 years ago in Sweden and have released 18 albums so far, and the latest one will be released on December 15. It will be “Leviathan III”, the last of the trilogy of the same name, which they started in 2021 and which was presented last night. Interestingly, their sound in the begging was progressive death, and around 1996, their symphonic phase started with the experimental album “Theli”. They draw inspiration for their music and themes from occultism, mythology, ancient records and magical practices, etc., as well as composers such as Wagner, Strauss and bands such as Scorpions, Uriah Heep and Judas Priest.
The concert was in it entirety a journey to a magnificent and fairy-tale place and ended with the magnificent masterpieces: “The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah” and “To Mega Therion”. The magic of this night was contained in a fact that it seemed like the concert went by in a blink of an eye although it lasted for more than 2 hours! An obvious sigh that we couldn’t get enough of the magical world Therion creates and the atmosphere which caused instant oblivion and carefree state, like all of the world problems magically disappeared! A great gig a great night and my special admiration for the band that treated their fans with a 2-hour long journey into a magical and magnificent place only Therion know how to create!

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