If you had to choose only one concert of the year, this would be it! The concert was sold out and it’s a real shame that it wasn’t held in Arena, but Josipa is at peace with that as she said: “Everyone is going to Arena.” And it’s a known fact that Josipa makes her own path and never goes where the majority does! 

Collaboration and love with the popular composer and rock’n’roll singer Karl Metikoš determined Josipa Lisac’s musical and life path. Metikoš’s experience and strong author’s personality shaped Josipa Lisac as a unique artist and woman. Together, they have released around 13 LP albums and CDs, with the strong authorial and producer stamp of Karl Metikoš. Albums have followed: Hir, hir, hir, Lisica, Hoću samo tebe and hits: O jednoj mladosti, Magla, Hir, hir, hir, Danas sam luda, Dok razmišljam o nama, Na, na, na, Ja bolujem…

Their first joint LP album from 1973, “Dnevnik jedne ljubavi”, remains to this day one of the best conceptual rock achievements, an anthology of Croatian discography! The concert was dedicated to 50the anniversary of the album, but Josipa also performed new songs!

Josipa Lisac was born on Valentine’s Day, 1950 in Zagreb and traditionally around this date we have been witnessing concerts that celebrate the life and love of two magnificent artists: Josipa and Karlo!

The concert started brutally with the grand opening with the song “Boginja” at which instance Josipa proved that she is the most beloved Diva and immortal Goddess. After the new song “A gdje si ti” the audience fell into delirium during the performance of “O jednoj mladosti” and “Sreća”, the songs that followed.

The pure genius and vocal abilities of Josipa who manages to paint the complete picture of what is perfection in love is simply indescribable. That’s something you feel with your entire being and that was why I completely lost it and started crying during performances of: “O jednoj mladosti”, “Gdje Dunav ljubi nebo” and “Magla”. Josipa maintented hers reputation of the one and only Diva you should admire and if you never shed a tear at one of her songs: then we know you are lacking a heart or possibly even soul!

Before the end of the concert Josipa also performed beloved hits „Danas sam luda”, “Hir, hir, hir” and many others. She talked about many of her dear memories and the concert was the perfect celebration of love, art and confirmed the immortal status Josipa already gained!


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