20th Anniversary SHOW proved to be the best present ever!!

This wasn’t an event you could afford to miss, as the atmosphere was fierce and explosive and was additionally fired up by the fact that Cold Snap was celebrating twenty years of existence and more than 450 gigs all over Europe and slayed with this concert.

Slay /sleɪ/: greatly impress or amuse, entertain greatly, wow, be extremely impressive…

It’s been fucking great and awesome experiencing the glorious concert and audience feedback the band fully deserves! The band played with extreme amounts of energy it took to play and change numerous costumes during an extreme heat wave which was fired up to a point that we no longer care with the heat from the pyrotechnics that were marvellous! There were dozens of highlights, out of which performing with ropes during “HELL VS. HELL” holds the most powerful statement- proving the band has a lot to offer, they don’t live on old fame and every new song brings excitement and surprise.

The band didn’t have just one more regular gig, as apart from impressive pyrotechnics; they created the show most will remember their whole lives! It’s been fucking great seeing so much youngsters that saw COLD SNAP for the first time that evening! This was a perfect kickstart into the rest of their lives filled with concerts and festival, hopefully!

The band performed for two hours and provided musical, scenic, pyrotechnic, energetic and above all: emotional performance that will be remembered for years. The concert included a lot of surprises, guests and more than 20 people were involved in the performance: from acrobats, fire performers and other guest musicians. The explosive performance included fire, smoke, confetti, balloons, surprise guests and tons of emotional feedback from the perfect concert only a band of this calibre deserves!!

This was indeed the concert of their career, but hopefully as a turning point- as the band truly deserves headlining prime time hours at the festivals and has proven they have what it takes to make it so!


Magic and power of the band lays in a fact that, after every concert, I remember and cherish few new songs I found to be my most favourite. I know bands with 10x more followers that don’t have the power to create more that few really astonishing and overwhelming songs. When you realise more than a dozen of the songs are “your favourite one”- you realise that you are in Love and it a beautiful feeling to experience at an “older stage of life”. After finding that “Black Diamond”, “Witness of Your Sickness” and “Distance” are my most favourite ones; “Serenity” stood out as well, together with 10 more others and I knew- I couldn’t pick just one, as masterpieces have been lining up one by one.

The best birthday party ever, all that have attended received the present that will be imprinted in a lifetime experience!

Music Therapy

Medley “BLACK DIAMNOND/SERENITY” offers an instant therapy about human relations and behaviour. It offers an instant musical therapy, as it provides an instant overview of everything that goes wrong during most relationships and sometimes leads to devastating consequences including ruined lives, murder or domestic violence.

Cold Snap possesses the unique ability to provide profound and in-depth overview of everything that’s wrong with the word today. They describe, very accurately and painfully, all the stuff that enrage you and you feel the world should burn and stop and never ever allow the monstrosities to happen again and again but they do (“Monster”). Usually, we don’t have the power to stop them, or vfeel like we don’t, but band s like Cold Snap encourages us to feel empowered and put an end to evil happening today. I can see no cause more noble than that!

The monster unleashed in the city of angels!

What could that possible mean? Without music and art- we could only feel complete emptiness of nothingness. World and life as such- offer numerous opportunities to bring us to the rock bottom and make us wanna stay there, curl up and die, as it appears as an easy ticket out. Art and music support our efforts to be decent human beings, to love and appreciate others, even at times we see no visible reasons why we should do so. As Fyodor Dostoevsky said:

“If you feel pain, you’re alive. If you feel other people’s pain, you’re a human being.”

The two most powerful performances were the performances of the songs: “Monster” and “HELL VS. HELL”. Listen to them once again, with the full experience of a very powerful video, and please do remember that you can’t see if a person you are talking to is barely managing to stay alive. Be kind, always. Few harsh words can be those that fill the cup of sadness and bitterness, until if overfloods and causes disastrous consequences.

One of many powerful messages from the band was: “Half of heart is enough to Love!” Well it’s sad, but: it is, even if you are worn down from endless struggles, if you have some Love in you left to give- it means you are stronger than you can imagine and still alive!

Thank you, COLD SNAP! for all these life lessons and an unforgettable experience we will cherish forever!

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