STORM over sold out Arena called: DEPECHE MODE!

DEPECHE MODE arrived at the Zagreb Arena for their sold-out performance as part of the Memento Mori Tour. The Memento Mori Tour is Depeche Mode’s nineteenth tour, and the first in more than five years. The band’s most recent tour, the 2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour, was their longest-running tour with more than 130 shows across Europe and North America, in front of more than 3 million fans, and was recorded as one of the highest-grossing tours of the year. “Memento Mori” is Depeche Mode’s 15th studio album and the follow-up of “Spirit”, which reached number 1 in 11 countries and made the TOP 5 in over 20 countries. They have sold more than 100 million copies of their albums and played to more than 35 million fans worldwide.

Photo: Filip Bušić, Sound Report

The audience was warmed up by the British band HÆLOS and they did an excellent job and warmed up the atmosphere to the most awaited concert of the year. Unfortunately, the concert of the opening act was overshadowed by the main act of the evening, the hall was filling up slowly and the majority of the audience just awaited the main band of the evening. Nevertheless, the band received good feedback and managed to engage the audience fully.

Night of Faith and Devotion

Last chance we had to see DEPECHE MODE live in Zagreb was on 14.2.2010 and I was sure that concert couldn’t be topped. The biggest surprise was that the band didn’t only preserve the same amount of energy, but they matured in the most beautiful way and transferred so much positive energy towards their faithful audience- it was almost hard to believe it was possible. It’s not enough saying that this was the concert of the year, it was the concert of the decade, hardly anything will overshadow it in the near future!  

Photo: Filip Bušić, Sound Report

The concert was opened by “My Cosmos Is Mine” and it’s close to impossible to list all the highlights of the concert as the band possesses unrivaled musical legacy. The experience of attending this concert was a highly emotional and special occasion, as all the love we share for the band was also intertwined with all of our life experiences- as we grew up with the band. Every song of the band has special meaning, as many of them help us survive our darkest hours and days of desperation. Sometimes our only friend and comfort were exactly those songs which helped us make it through life. In that regard, the most emotional and the most beautiful parts of the concert were: “In Your Room”, “Precious”, “Home”. The band performed “World in My Eyes”- as a special and emotional dedication to Andrew Fletcher with photos from his younger days on the wall and it was a beautiful and highly special moment which the band heartwarmingly and genuinely shared with the fans.

Other special moments of the concert were: an acoustic performance of “Strangelove” sung by Martin and an extremely heartwarming performance from the whole audience which sang “Happy Birthday to You” to Martin, who celebrated his 62nd birthday.

Photo: Filip Bušić, Sound Report

As already said, it’s impossible to count out all the highlights, as I’m sure every fan could point out something different and enrich us with their own interpretation of what was the greatest moment of this magnificent concert. You simply cannot point out a few favorite songs, as it would be as hard as trying to convince a mother to pick a favorite child. Nevertheless, in close competition to biggest highlights we can only point out some more songs: “It’s No Good”, “I Feel You”, “Wrong”, “Stripped” and “Enjoy the Silence”. All of the above can be considered as favorites and genuine masterpieces!

Encore included 4 songs and the concert was closed by bands masterpieces: “Never Let Me Down Again” and “Personal Jesus”. Depeche Mode proved themselves as one of the most influential musical forces of their genre in the world and demonstrated exactly why they will leave a permanent and indelible inspiration to fans, critics and artists alike. 

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