Nothin’ ever came from a life that was a simple one!

The band that opened the evening was PET NEEDS from Essex, who have two studio albums behind them, “Fractured Party Music” and “Primetime Entertainment”. They gave an excellent performance and the front man’s charisma was especially contagious as he engaged with the audience very successfully and managed to light up the atmosphere.

It’s no secret that FLOGGING MOLLY are a long-time favorite of the local audience, as the Irish-Croatian love goes a long way back, without any signs of slowing-down. The most special moments of socializing of the band with the fans after the concert are memorable and one of the key points in attempts to describe why the band is loved so much by Croatians. The band returned to Croatia for the ninth time, within the tour promoting their latest album “Anthem”. The band, consisting of seven band members, was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles and is led by front man Dave King.

Their version of noisy punk rock was inspired by traditional Irish music with the addition of Celtic instruments that gave them a stamp of originality that quickly attracted audiences around the world. Specific of the band is that their upbeat, uplifting and wildly fun tunes have always been in discrepancy with the lyrics which are socially and politically aware criticism of what is wrong with society today. Their lyrics about rebellion and the need for change are highly relatable and also link the band with the iconic Pogues, Clash and other legendary bands. Flogging Molly has stepped out of the shadow of the bands that were their role models and to which the band was associated with and they have truly outgrew them all and became a legendary and unique band of its own kind.

The concert was absolutely amazing and incredible! There is no word to describe the contagious and explosive energy the whole band radiates! The undeniable charisma, positivity and energy that a 62-year old Dave King demonstrates are almost too hard to comprehend as he still has the energy of a young man driven by passion and love, which he stated several times to his loving partner.

The concert was opened very explosively with “Drunken Lullabies” which instantly drove the audience into ecstasy! The rest of the Setlist was perfect and I believe that no one ended up with any glimpses of remorse as the very extensive list was comprehensive enough and included the majority of the most loved songs. Other highlights of the evening were: “Float”, “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” and “Black Friday Rule” which caused absolutely beautiful chaos in the audience as there wasn’t a single soul that wasn’t dancing! For me personally the absolute climax was reached during the performance of the magnificent “Devil’s Dance Floor”.

To conclude, the concert was absolutely brilliant, the contagious explosive energy of Dave King was absolutely incredible and I felt the concert finished in a flash and too quickly, although the setlist list was very comprehensive and satisfactory. It can be felt only for the bands we truly and genuinely love and after concerts at which we felt the band invested their all to be at their best. It was a genuine privilege to see Flogging Molly live and be sure to never miss their future concerts!


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