After 16 years, the top concert spectacle of legendary hard rock giants Iron Maiden is coming to Slovenia, the first in a series of concerts on their new “Future Past Tour” tour! Iron Maiden will perform songs from their latest album “Senjutsu”, alongside iconic songs from their 1986 album “Somewhere In Time” and other band classics! To the great honor of Slovenia and Slovenian fans, IRON MAIDEN will start their brand new concert tour right here, on May 28, 2023, in Arena Stožice in Ljubljana! So we will be able to see them right here for the first time after 16 years since their last appearance at the Bezigraj stadium. The opening act at the concert will be The Raven Age.

Steve Harris said: “… 2023 will be an exciting time and we are really looking forward to meeting you again in Slovenia, where we last played in 2007 on the Matter Of The Beast summer tour.” And just the day before the Iron Maiden concert in In Ljubljana, that is, on Saturday, 27/5, we will be warmed up by Steve Harris with his band British Lion, which he founded precisely because he can still perform on smaller, club stages. All fans of high-quality heavy metal are invited to get tickets in time for this concert evening, which will take place in Ljubljana’s Cvetličarna. Tickets are still available at www.eventim.si and at authorized points of sale.

Iron Maiden’s founding member, bassist Steve Harris, said on the occasion: “After the release of our last album, ‘Senjutsu’, we have updated the current Legacy of the Beast Tour a bit by opening the shows with the first three songs from it, with stage set “Japanese Palace”. Since it doesn’t make sense to repeat this for the “Senjutsu” album tour, we thought about other options and decided to revive the “Somewhere In Time” tour since it was not included in the various historical retrospective tours we had in the past. These were based on our concert videos from the 80’s as we unfortunately didn’t film that tour (blame the manager!!). Over the years, we’ve received many requests from fans for many tracks from this album, so we’re going to play them now, and of course a few others we know you’ll love! We will also be especially pleased to finally be able to play some of the more epic tracks on “Senjutsu” that we have been waiting for for a long time! 2023 will be an exciting time and we are really looking forward to meeting you again in Slovenia, where we last played in 2007 on the summer tour “Matter Of The Beast.”

Manager Rod Smallwood added: “We think this two-album combination is very exciting. We know fans want to hear these epic songs from the “Senjutsu” album live for the first time and we think teaming them up with an iconic album like “Somewhere In Time” will make for another really special tour for fans old and new! Of course, for the tour of the new album in Europe, we will largely return to the relative intimacy of arenas, and we know that the fans will be very happy about that too!”

The group recently completed their spectacular world tour “Legacy Of The Beast”, which was interrupted for two years by covid. The tour began in May 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia, the first of 139 shows in 33 countries. Until their final show in Tampa, Florida on October 27, 2022, the band has played to over three million (!) fans on this epic world tour.

IMPORTANT DATA: When released in September 2021, “Senjutsu” debuted at number one in 27 countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Chile, Croatia, Colombia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, India*, Indonesia*, Italy, Korea, Malaysia*, Mexico, Portugal, Romania*, Russia, South Africa*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand* and Turkey (* = Apple metal chart as there are no physical/retail charts in these markets, only digital) , no. 2 in the UK, the Czech Republic, France, Japan, the Netherlands, no. 3 in Australia, Ireland and the US (highest Billboard chart for IM here), no. 5 in Argentina, Denmark and Norway.


www.eventim.si and all authorized points of sale in Slovenia

(Petrol, OMV, Pošta Slovenije, Big Bang, Trafike 3DVA, (K)kiosk, Eventim ticket offices…)

Ticket prices for the British Lion concert: EUR 25.00

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