Metal God came down to Slovenia!

THE DEAD DAISIES are a music collective feat. some of the best Rock musicians on the planet. Hailing from Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Dio & many more. Australian-American rock supergroup and collective was formed in 2013 in Sydney, Australia by David Lowy. In 2022 the band kick off the year with best Album at the Banger Awards in the USA. On June 3rd, the band embarked on their first European tour in over three years with some headline shows, festival shows and guest slots to Foreigner, Judas Priest and Whitesnake. The band released their first new single from their forthcoming album at the end of May. ‘Radiance’ was released with a new animated video and online platform with the alternate version of the band, The Meta Daisies. Working with Avakin Life you could spend some time in a virtual bar with fellow fans listening to the track.

Audience from these parts already had the opportunity to see The Dead Daisies live on 11 December 2018 in Zagreb. They gave an excellent and explosive performance of their version of hard rock as a great into to the Judas Priest.

Heavy Metal Gods 50th Anniversary Tour

Very few heavy metal bands have had the kind of success that British band JUDAS PRIEST has had in their 50-year career. On this anniversary, in 2020 the band started an epic tour, with which they commemorate unprecedented success of their enviable career.

Their energy and influence of the band remain intact, which was proven by the fact that last year’s album “Firepower” was the highest charting of all their records. In 2010 they received a nomination for the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, in 2010 they received a Grammy Award for the best metal performance, and in 2006 they were also awarded by VH1.

Judas Priest’s vocalist Rob Halford is instantly recognizable due to his distinctive metal voice. He has also been an influential metal personality with his onstage clothes which included leather jackets and studs. Thanks to his incredible vocals and trademark fashion style, his fans gave him the nickname ‘The Metal God,’ which is probably the highest praise a singer could get. Rob Halford received the nickname Metal God after Judas Priest released their 1980 album ‘British Steel,’ for which they received commercial success. The track ‘Metal Gods’ on it slowly became a nickname for their vocalist, and he has been cherishing it ever since. In his recent interview, he revealed that he even trademarked the name so no one else could claim it, as his fan base gave him this unique title.

The pioneers of heavy metal music, Judas Priest, have returned to Ljubljana after 29 years. The first date for concert in Ljubljana was set to 14.07.2020 but had to be postponed to a date nearly two years later and luckily all were in good health and stamina to perform and give their best.

The legend Rob Halford, a ‘metal god’ who will be 71 years old at the end of August completely mesmerized me, as some audience members stated that he kind of has gotten old, but I couldn’t trace any signs of potential flaws in his performance. He had me at awe and admiration as his youthful energy and contagious positivism won over the hearts and souls of all audience members! It’s truly admirable that he almost remained untouched by the passing of time and his vocal still stands strong and very powerful- as one of the most admired and recognizable ones in modern history of music. Rob Halford indeed carries the title of the metal god with full grace and has proven he’s well worthy of the assigned title.

The set list was incredible and it included 17 songs which is quite a lot and I strongly believe fans were satisfied with the overall duration and song selection. Especially the fans that came to Judas Priest concert for the first time. It too hard to point out one absolute highlight of the concert as there were many, such as performance of “Painkiller” or the famous Rob’s entrance to the stage with a Motorcycle and a crop in his mouth. Magnificent “Turbo Lover”, “The Sentinel” and “A Touch of Evil” were performed among all other songs. Absolute winner is the album “Painkiller”, out of which 4 songs were played which is understandable, as the band played in Slovenia for the first time and the setlist was created with that fact taken into consideration. Encore consisted of 4 songs, among which: “Hell Bent for Leather” and “Breaking the Law”.

Nobody in their sane mind could possible be disappointed at any aspect of the concert as Judas Priest prepared a rarely seen spectacle and have lifted the spirits among fans throughout the venue. I came to the point of heavily questioning my life’s decisions, little disappointments and setbacks- as Rob Halford has put us in a correct state of mind where everything is possible, attainable and nothing is too hard. You only have to put all your passion, mind and energy into achieving your goal and great things will come! Even if the greatest thing before you is: destiny showing you that your goal was wrong and you have to set a new one. Rob Halford showed us he is larger than life and has remained creative, diligent and passionate beyond all expectations. Thank you for this magnificent evening!


Battle Hymn (played from tape)

One Shot at Glory

Lightning Strike

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

Freewheel Burning

Turbo Lover

Hell Patrol

The Sentinel

A Touch of Evil

Victim of Changes

Blood Red Skies

The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Diamonds & Rust (Joan Baez cover)



The Hellion (played from tape)

Electric Eye

Hell Bent for Leather

Breaking the Law

Living After Midnight

We Are the Champions (Queen song) (played from tape)

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