How are you?

I’m good.


You are on a festival tour at the moment right?



Yesterday you played in Czech Republic.

Yes, Masters Of Rock Festival


What’s your next destination? 

This is our last festival show for this season. We’ve been on a tour for a month, we played Graspop, festivals in Spain, few places in Holland and now we will have some time off, a vacation with our families and then back to Brazil to do a few more shows.


Back to your country.

Yes, Brazil is very big country so when we go back we do like a weekend tour. In Brazil, concerts are played from Thursday to Sunday only. Not through the entire week like here in Europe.

How was the show on Masters Of Rock? 

It was amazing. We played in a good spot, there was a lot of people, it was a magical moment. Playing in Czech republic is always special. Brutal Assault and Masters Of Rock are great festivals, we also did our single show and it was really cool. People were insane, participating, singing and screaming, simply amazing. Derrick lived in a Czech Republic for a while, his kid was born there so he has a family connection with that country.


You released new album recently, Machine Massiah.

Album came out in January and we got great respond from everyone; fans, critics, magazines. We play many new songs on this tour, 5 or 6 new songs are on the set list. We haven’t done that in a very long time. But with this album it’s different, people are really listening the album from start to end, you can’t listen to it in parts because a lot of stuff is going on an album. And that’s important, I myself listen to some old Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple albums and I always find something new. Machine Messaiah has a quality, a lot of information so the more you listen the more you discover.


What do you in your private time? Do you have some hobby? 

Everything related to music of course. I have a radio show in Sao Paolo with my son, every Sunday for one hour. It’s a show where we have complete freedom to play whatever we want, a lot of room to play Brazilian heavy metal bands to present their music to the audience.


I have a question about guitars. You use Jackson Randy Rhoads. What’s your favorite guitar? 

I love them all. Every guitar is unique. I have many Stratocasters, they are all the same model and from the same manufacturer but they are all different, the wood and pick ups, the way they respond. Now I’m using a new Charvel and Jackson Randy Rhoads. I have Jackson Soloist which is also amazing. I got those guitars from Jackson and Charvel so I’m using them now. I also use Seymour Duncan pick ups. I don’t want to be exclusive, I work with companies but I’m never exclusive which is cool because every instrument is different and it has something to offer, it opens possibilities. I’m very happy with Jackson and Charvel at the moment. I have an old Charvel guitar from 1987. but I use it in studio only.


Last time you were in Croatia in 2014. Right? At The Underwall Festival. 

Yes and it was great.


What do you think of Croatia? 

I love it. Actually, my mom is from Slovenia, from Maribor. She was born in 1945. in Maribor and came to Brazil in 1949. My grandparents started a new life in South America after the Second world war. I still have cousins in Slovenia so everytime we play there I meet with them.

Do you know some words in Slovenian? 

Yes, hvala, pivo (laughs). I must say Croatia is amazing. I like beaches and food. Paolo used to spend a lot of time in Croatia, he went diving and has some friends there. Sarajevo was also amazing. The whole region is really nice and it’s great to be back.


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