MetalDays 2016. gave us the opportunity to talk to Charlotte Wessels and Martijn Westerholt of Delaine And we all want Delain whiskey now. You’ll see why if you read on.


Hi guys! This is your first time in Slovenia? You’re not going to let the rain bother you?

Charlotte: Well it’s already there, not much we can do about it.

Martijn: Yeah, and we don’t mind the rain as long as the audience doesn’t mind it 

You had an interesting collaboration on your new album with a special guest?

Charlotte: With Alissa?

Yes. How did you guys start working together?

M: We know her a long time and bump into each other a lot playing around the world, and this particular song she is the guest in was really craving for some rough growls and grunts and we know Alissa very well and we knew it would work.

C: And of course we have experience on the song that she did on our previous record so it is always nice to see what kind of interpretation another artist gives to a song. And it was a great experience with her and we really are good friends. The first collaboration happened when we were touring in the US with Kamelot.

So can we expect her as a guest on live performances after the album is out?

C: We had a few opportunities to perform Tragedy of the Commons with her for the previous album. We bump into each other every now and then and usually try to arrange something.

M: I was thinking, we’d be playing in Finland at the same time in August so we could ask her. It always has to be spontaneous and that the guest artist thinks it’s fun.

We ask a lot of bands how these collaborations come to life. Is it on a personal, performer to performer level, or higher, agreed through managers and labels?

M: In my experience it works best on a personal level. We tried it on a managerial level but it’s just better when you have a personal connection with people.

What about Croatia? Are we going to see you there any time soon?

C: Yeah, we played there in 2015. with Battle Beast and Sabaton.

(Looks at Pavao). We met there, didn’t we?

Pavao: You remember? 

C: Yeah, I remember your face!

(awww, a moment  )

M: (trying to cut in) , I mean probably. We play a lot of shows so there is a chance for a concert in Croatia.

What about a vacation in Croatia?

M: It would be very nice; the problem is I don’t have a lot of time for a vacation.

C: I actually have a ten day vacation coming up but I don’t know where I’ll go.

Charlotte, what about your stage performance and your outfits? Do you create them yourself? Do you have a designer?

I’m still building my style so to speak. But a lot of the time the things I really like are not suitable for the stage. They are uncomfortable. We have had some very elaborate costumes over the years but sometimes things like high heels and corsets can be very restraining and you can’t perform in them. Being comfortable on stage is much more important so it’s a constant compromise between what I really like and what is practical. It is a challenge.

We came across really amazing looking All Stars sneakers that an artist did with your album covers. Maybe there is a chance for a merchandise contract?

M: I would love an All Stars cooperation, I love the band so it would be great to do it. If you know somebody just say 

C: The girl who did it is from the US and she did an amazing work but there is no official offer from All Stars

and if there would be an endorsement contract I would love to have a Delain whiskey 