SEPTICFLESH, Equilibrium, Oceans, Scar of the Sun – Zagreb, Boogaloo –

SEPTICFLESH, Equilibrium, Oceans, Scar of the Sun – Zagreb, Boogaloo –
October 23, 2024 all-day

After 12 years, the Greek symphonic death metallers Septicflesh are returning to Croatia, i.e. 13 years since their performance in Boogaloo, where they will play again in front of the local metalion audience! They will be joined on the European “Modern Primitive” tour by popular folk metal Bavarians Equilibrium, and the evening will be opened by OCEANS and Scar of the Sun, two bands for fans of a more modern metal sound. The date to note is October 23 (Wednesday). Early bird tickets at a price of 28 euros can be purchased until May 1. or while supplies last via or at the Dirty Old Shop! The pre-sale price is 32 euros, while on the day it will cost 36 euros if there are any left.

Septicflesh was formed in 1990 in Athens when Soritis Vayenas (guitar), Spiros Antoniou (bass/vocals) and his younger brother Christos (guitar) got together. Already a year later, they released their first EP, “Temple of the Lost Race”, while their first studio album, Mystic Places of Dawn, was released in 1994 and was co-produced by Magus Wampyr Daoloth, keyboardist of Rotting Christ. Since then, they have released 10 more albums, the most current of which is “Primitive Modern” from 2022, which they are promoting on this occasion at Boogaloo.
Their style can be described as symphonic death metal, and this is best evidenced by the live album Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX, which they recorded with a symphony orchestra and choir in Mexico. In addition to the aforementioned founders, the band also includes Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, former drummer of Decapitated who recently sold out Močvara, and Dinos “Psychon” Prassas on rhythm guitar.

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