MARDUK, Doodswens, Skaphos, Moorah – Zagreb, VIB –  01.06.2022 

June 1, 2022 all-day

WEDNESDAY 01.06.2022. Marduk, Doodswens,  Skaphos,  Moorah

After a great concert at VIB in 2019, the cult Swedish black metallers Marduk return to Zagreb on June 1 in a reinforced band – Doodswens / Skaphos / Moorah.
Marduk is one of those bands that is always there somewhere when it comes to the fast and evil sounds of tremolo riffs, whose fans often point out that the arrival of singer Mortus in 2004 was something that Marduk needed to change some things and start something different. through. Yes, we are already far from some of the things the band experimented with at the end of the last decade, but they have always remained consistent with their sound, which you can still recognize today without anyone giving you any associations.