E.N.D.; 18.9.2021.; Zagreb

September 18, 2021 all-day

E.N.D. (Zadar)

Pre-sale points: entrio.hr/outlets
Online ticket sales: entrio.hr/event/end-u-mocvari-9828

Location: Wetland terrace
Covid passports are not required.
Due to epidemiological measures, we keep a written record of visitors, so please come before the start of the concert to avoid crowds at the entrance and not to be late for the start of the concert.
The wetland terrace, now extended to the embankment, is open every day from 5 pm to midnight.
E.N.D. (Zadar)
E.N.D., also known as Evil Never Dies, are one of the oldest active metal bands from Croatia, founded in 1996 in Zadar. They started as a hardcore band heavily influenced by the aggressive sounds of Sick of it All and Hatebreed, and this trio today worships complex groove, dampened drop tones and hectic riffs, packaged in their distinctive mix of thrash, death metal and hardcore punk , appealing to fans of artists such as Meshuggah, Napalm Death, Sylosis and Whitechapel.
After three albums in the last decade, the band returns with a 5-thing EP called “A Grave Deceit”. New things take E.N.D.’s menacing sound to a higher level in performance, song lyrics, dynamics, and production. Therefore, buy a ticket on time, come to Močvara and celebrate the metal. Chug it out!
E.N.D. – Blinded By Avarice
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